What is Lennie’s full name?

Answered by James Kissner

Lennie’s full name is Lennie Small. The last name “Small” may seem ironic at first, considering Lennie’s large physical stature. Lennie is described as a towering figure who is much bigger and stronger than most of the people he encounters. His size and strength often lead to misunderstandings and complications in his interactions with others.

The name “Small” serves as a contrast to Lennie’s actual physical appearance. It highlights the irony of his situation, as he is anything but small. This irony adds depth to Lennie’s character and serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving.

Throughout the novella “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, Lennie’s size becomes a central aspect of his character. Despite his imposing physique, Lennie is portrayed as childlike and innocent. He often lacks the mental capacity to fully understand the consequences of his actions, which leads to tragic outcomes.

Lennie’s physical strength, combined with his limited intellectual abilities, creates a complex dynamic within the story. On one hand, his strength is a valuable asset when it comes to physical labor. On the other hand, his lack of understanding and impulse control often result in unintended harm.

The irony of Lennie’s last name adds depth to his character and serves as a reminder that physical appearance does not always reflect a person’s true nature. Lennie’s struggles with his own strength and the consequences it brings serve as a reflection of the larger themes explored in the novella, such as the fragility of dreams and the harsh realities of life during the Great Depression.

Lennie’s full name is Lennie Small. The irony of his last name highlights the contrast between his physical stature and his childlike innocence. This irony adds complexity and depth to Lennie’s character, creating a thought-provoking exploration of appearance versus reality.