What is Lelouch main goal?

Answered by John Hunt

Lelouch’s main goal in Code Geass is deeply personal and driven by his past experiences and the injustices he has witnessed. His primary objective is to kill his father, the Emperor of Britannia. This desire stems from the Emperor’s abandonment of Lelouch and his sister Nunnally after the assassination of their mother, Marianne vi Britannia.

The assassination of Marianne had a profound impact on Lelouch’s life. It not only left his sister Nunnally physically disabled but also shattered their sense of security and happiness. Lelouch blames his father for not only failing to protect their family but also for prioritizing his own ambitions and power over their well-being.

Lelouch’s resentment towards his father is fueled by a deep sense of betrayal. He believes that his father, as the Emperor, should have upheld his responsibilities as a parent and ruler. Instead, the Emperor allowed his children to suffer and be exiled to Japan, which was under Britannian occupation.

In Japan, Lelouch adopts the alter ego “Zero” and becomes the leader of the Black Knights, a resistance group fighting against Britannian oppression. While his initial motivation is to protect his sister and seek revenge against his father, Lelouch’s goals expand to encompass broader ideals of justice and freedom.

Through his strategic brilliance and the power of the Geass, a supernatural ability bestowed upon him by C.C., Lelouch aims to overthrow the Britannian Empire and create a world where his sister and all those who have suffered under the empire can live in peace and freedom.

Lelouch’s journey towards his goal is filled with complex twists and turns, as he navigates political intrigue, battles against formidable foes, and faces internal conflicts. His determination to kill his father remains a constant driving force throughout the series, but his motivations evolve and become more nuanced as he gains a deeper understanding of the world and the consequences of his actions.

His ultimate goal of killing his father is not just an act of revenge but also a means to dismantle the oppressive system that has caused immense suffering. Lelouch’s journey is a captivating exploration of power, morality, and the sacrifices one must make in the pursuit of justice.

Lelouch’s main goal in Code Geass is to kill his father, the Emperor of Britannia, as an act of revenge for abandoning him and his sister. However, his aspirations expand to encompass larger ideals of justice and freedom as he leads the resistance against Britannian oppression. Lelouch’s journey is one of personal growth, strategic brilliance, and navigating the complexities of power and morality.