What is L3 on PS5?

Answered by John Hunt

L3 on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller refers to the left stick button. It is one of the clickable buttons located on the left stick of the controller. When you press down on the left stick, it activates the L3 button.

The L3 button is commonly used in games to perform certain actions or activate specific in-game movements or controls. For example, in many first-person shooter games, pressing the L3 button allows you to sprint or run faster. In racing games, it may be used to activate a boost or nitro feature.

The L3 button is designed to be easily accessible while using the left stick for movement. It provides an additional input option for players to enhance their gaming experience and execute specific actions quickly.

It’s worth noting that the L3 button can sometimes be sensitive, so accidental presses can occur during intense gameplay. However, it’s usually not a major issue and can be easily adjusted to with practice.

The L3 button on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller adds another layer of functionality and control to your gaming experience. It allows for more precise movements and provides additional options for in-game actions, making it a valuable feature for gamers.