What is a synonym for bask in?

Answered by Robert Dupre

A synonym for “bask in” is to “revel in.” When you revel in something, you are delighting in it and thoroughly enjoying the experience. It conveys a sense of indulgence and pleasure, similar to basking in the warmth of the sun.

Another synonym for bask in is to “wallow in.” Wallowing in something implies a deep immersion and indulgence in a particular experience or feeling. It suggests a sense of surrendering oneself to the enjoyment or satisfaction derived from that experience.

Additionally, you can use the word “enjoy” as a synonym for bask in. Enjoying something means finding pleasure or satisfaction in it. It implies a state of contentment and happiness derived from the experience or situation.

Another word that can be used as a synonym for bask in is to “rollick.” When you rollick in something, you are actively participating in and enjoying the experience with a lively and exuberant attitude. It often conveys a sense of playfulness and enthusiasm.

One more synonym for bask in could be to “ego trip.” While this phrase has a slightly different connotation, it can be used to describe the act of indulging in self-centered pleasure or self-admiration. It implies a sense of self-satisfaction and self-gratification.

Furthermore, you can use the phrase “go in for” as a synonym for bask in. When you go in for something, you actively and willingly engage in it, often with great enthusiasm. It suggests a deliberate choice to immerse oneself in a particular experience or activity.

To summarize, synonyms for bask in include revel in, wallow in, enjoy, rollick, ego trip, and go in for. Each of these words or phrases conveys a sense of delight, indulgence, and enjoyment in a particular experience or situation.