What is a Stage 3 cam?

Answered by Willian Lymon

A Stage 3 cam, specifically the Stage 3 LS1 camshaft, is a performance camshaft that is designed to enhance the power and torque output of an LS1 engine. It is typically used in applications where the stock torque converter is retained, meaning it is a direct replacement for the factory camshaft without requiring any additional modifications to the engine or drivetrain.

The Stage 3 camshaft from Cam Motion is a hydraulic roller cam, which means it utilizes a roller lifter design to reduce friction and improve durability. This type of camshaft is known for its smooth operation and low maintenance requirements, making it a popular choice among performance enthusiasts.

One of the key advantages of the Stage 3 camshaft is its ability to provide a mild performance idle. This means that when the engine is running at idle speed, it will have a noticeable lope or rumble to it, giving it a more aggressive and sporty sound. This can be quite appealing to those who want their vehicle to have a more aggressive presence.

In addition to the performance idle, the Stage 3 camshaft also delivers excellent low-end torque. This means that the engine will have more power and responsiveness at lower RPMs, making it ideal for street driving and stop-and-go traffic situations. This can greatly enhance the driving experience, as the vehicle will feel more lively and capable in everyday situations.

Furthermore, the Stage 3 camshaft extends the RPM capabilities of the engine, allowing it to rev higher and produce more power at higher RPMs. This can be particularly beneficial in high-performance applications, such as racing or track use, where the engine needs to operate at higher RPMs for extended periods of time.

It is important to note that while the Stage 3 camshaft offers significant performance improvements over the stock camshaft, it is still compatible with the stock torque converter. This means that it can be installed without the need for any additional modifications or upgrades to the torque converter or transmission.

The Stage 3 camshaft is a great choice for those looking to enhance the performance of their LS1 engine without making major modifications to the drivetrain. Its mild performance idle, excellent low-end torque, and extended RPM capabilities make it a versatile and powerful option for a wide range of applications.