What is a milkshake stout?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

A milkshake stout is a type of beer that is inspired by the flavors and characteristics of a milkshake. It is typically a rich and creamy stout that aims to replicate the creamy and indulgent qualities of a milkshake.

One of the key features of a milkshake stout is the addition of ingredients that mimic the flavors found in a milkshake. This can include ingredients such as coconut, vanilla, and dark chocolate. These flavors are often added during the brewing process to infuse the beer with their distinct tastes.

To create a milkshake stout, brewers carefully select ingredients that will contribute to the desired flavor profile. The choice of malts and grains plays a crucial role in creating a rich and robust base for the beer. The addition of lactose, a type of sugar derived from milk, is also common in milkshake stouts. Lactose adds sweetness and body to the beer, further enhancing its milkshake-like qualities.

The use of adjuncts, such as coconut and dark chocolate, adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile of the milkshake stout. These adjuncts are often added during the brewing process, allowing their flavors to meld with the beer and create a harmonious balance.

In terms of mouthfeel, a milkshake stout aims to be soft and pillowly on the palate. This is achieved through the careful manipulation of the water profile during the brewing process. By adjusting the mineral content of the water, brewers can create a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that enhances the overall enjoyment of the beer.

When it comes to serving a milkshake stout, it is often recommended to enjoy it slightly chilled but not overly cold. This allows the flavors to fully develop and be appreciated. It can be served in a traditional beer glass or even a stemmed glass to enhance the sensory experience.

Milkshake stouts have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique and indulgent flavors. They offer a delightful combination of the richness and complexity of a stout with the sweetness and creaminess of a milkshake. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or a milkshake lover, a milkshake stout is sure to satisfy your cravings for something decadent and delicious.