What is a good rating on Lichess?

Answered by Cody Janus

A good rating on Lichess can vary depending on individual perspective and goals. However, it is generally accepted that a rating above 1500 can be considered a good starting point. Lichess ratings are designed to be representative of a player’s skill level, and starting at 1500 allows for a balanced distribution of ratings across the platform.

The choice of 1500 as the initial rating is based on the Glicko system, which is a widely used rating system in chess. The Glicko system recommends a starting rating of 1500, as it provides a neutral point for all players to begin their rating journey. This means that a player who has just started playing chess and has no prior rating will be assigned a rating of 1500.

It is worth noting that the median player rating on Lichess is close to 1500. This implies that a significant number of players have a rating around 1500, making it a common rating among the Lichess community. Therefore, a rating above 1500 can be seen as an achievement, indicating that a player has surpassed the average skill level.

Comparing Lichess ratings to ratings from other systems, such as FIDE or chess.com, can be tricky. Lichess ratings tend to be higher than ratings from systems that start at 1200, like FIDE or chess.com. This can be attributed to various factors such as the different player pools, rating inflation, or the specific algorithms used by each system. Therefore, a rating on Lichess that is equivalent to a certain rating on another platform might not necessarily indicate the same skill level.

Ultimately, what constitutes a good rating on Lichess is subjective and depends on individual goals and aspirations. Some players may aim for a rating above 2000 or even higher, while others may be satisfied with reaching 1700 or 1800. It is important to remember that ratings are just numbers and do not solely define a player’s skill or enjoyment of the game.

In my personal experience, I have seen players who started with a rating of 1500 gradually improve their skills and reach ratings of 1800 or higher. It takes time, practice, and dedication to improve one’s rating on Lichess or any other chess platform. The journey of improvement is different for everyone, and it is essential to focus on personal growth rather than getting fixated on a specific rating.

To summarize, a good rating on Lichess can be considered anything above 1500, as it signifies a player’s progress beyond the initial starting point. However, ratings should be seen as a measure of improvement and not the sole determinant of one’s chess abilities. Enjoying the game, learning, and challenging oneself should always take precedence over numerical ratings.