What is a good name for a monk?

Answered by Willie Powers

A good name for a monk is one that reflects their qualities, values, and spiritual journey. Here are some suggestions that encompass different origins and meanings:

1. Abhaya (Sanskrit Origin): Meaning “fearless,” this name represents the monk’s courage and fearlessness in their pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

2. Aishi (Japanese Origin): This name means “compassionate service,” reflecting the monk’s dedication to serving others with kindness and compassion.

3. Anzan (Japanese Origin): Anzan means “a quiet and peaceful mountain,” symbolizing the monk’s serene and tranquil nature, like a mountain that remains undisturbed amidst chaos.

4. Bankei (Japanese Origin): Bankei translates to “ten thousand blessings,” signifying the monk’s gratitude for the abundance of blessings and their desire to share them with others.

5. Bodhin (Sanskrit Origin): Derived from “bodhi,” which means “awakening or to seek or know,” this name encapsulates the monk’s constant quest for spiritual awakening and understanding.

6. Chandra (Sanskrit Origin): Meaning “moon,” Chandra represents the monk’s calmness, serenity, and illumination, just like the serene glow of the moon.

7. Dhamma (Pali Origin): Dhamma refers to the teachings of Buddha, and having this name signifies the monk’s deep understanding and practice of the Buddhist teachings.

8. Jivan (Sanskrit Origin): Jivan translates to “life” or “soul,” symbolizing the monk’s profound connection to the essence of life and their spiritual journey.

9. Karuna (Sanskrit Origin): Karuna means “compassion,” highlighting the monk’s embodiment of compassion towards all beings and their commitment to alleviating suffering.

10. Samadhi (Sanskrit Origin): Samadhi signifies deep concentration and meditative absorption, representing the monk’s mastery of the mind and their ability to achieve profound states of stillness and clarity.

Remember, choosing a name for a monk is a deeply personal decision and should resonate with their individual path and aspirations. These suggestions can serve as inspiration, but ultimately, the monk should choose a name that resonates with their own spiritual journey and reflects their unique qualities and aspirations.