What is a good hit called in golf?

Answered by Edward Huber

A good hit in golf is often referred to as a solid shot or a pure strike. It is when the golfer makes clean contact with the ball, resulting in a shot that travels straight and true towards the intended target. A good hit is characterized by a satisfying sound and feel, indicating that the ball has been struck with the center of the clubface.

When a golfer achieves a good hit, they can expect the ball to fly with the desired trajectory and distance. It is a shot that provides the golfer with confidence and can lead to lower scores on the course.

In addition to a good hit, there are also specific terms used to describe different types of successful shots in golf. For example, a shot that lands close to the hole is often referred to as a “pin-seeking” shot or a “dart.” This indicates that the golfer has accurately judged the distance and direction, resulting in a shot that puts them in a favorable position for a potential birdie or par.

Another term used to describe a good hit in golf is a “pure roll.” This refers to a putt that rolls smoothly and evenly along the green, without any unwanted deviations or bounces. A pure roll is important in putting as it allows the golfer to control the speed and line of their putt, increasing the likelihood of sinking the ball into the hole.

Ultimately, a good hit in golf is one that allows the golfer to achieve their desired outcome, whether it be hitting the fairway off the tee, landing the ball on the green, or sinking a putt. It is a shot that provides satisfaction and can boost a golfer’s confidence in their abilities.

Personally, I have experienced the joy of hitting a good shot in golf. There is a sense of accomplishment and reward when you strike the ball cleanly and see it soar through the air in the intended direction. It is moments like these that keep golfers coming back to the course, striving for more good hits and improved performance.