What is a good biblical name for a dog?

Answered by Willian Lymon

When it comes to choosing a biblical name for your dog, there are several options that carry deep meaning and significance. Here are a few male biblical dog names that you might consider:

1. Elijah: This name means “Yahweh is God” and was the name of an Israelite prophet in the Bible. Elijah was known for his faithfulness and courage, making this a strong and powerful name for your furry friend.

2. Seth: In the book of Genesis, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. This name represents a fresh start or a new beginning, which could be fitting for a dog who brings joy and love into your life.

3. Reuben: Reuben was the eldest son of Jacob and Leah in the Bible. He was the founder of the Tribe of Reuben and his name means “behold, a son.” This name could be a good choice for a dog that holds a special place in your family.

4. Barabbas: While not a traditional biblical figure, Barabbas is mentioned in the New Testament. He was a prisoner released by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus. This name could be a unique choice for a lovable and mischievous dog, perhaps inspired by the lovable Saint Bernard in the movie “My Dog, a Thief.”

5. Joshua: Joshua was a key figure in the Bible, known for leading the Israelites into the Promised Land after Moses. His name means “Yahweh is salvation,” and it could be a fitting choice for a loyal and protective dog.

6. Samson: Samson was a strong and mighty judge in the Bible, known for his incredible strength. Despite his flaws, he ultimately used his strength to serve God’s purposes. This name could be a great fit for a powerful and playful dog.

7. Noah: Noah was chosen by God to build the ark and save humanity and animals from the Great Flood. His name means “rest” or “comfort,” and it could be a good choice for a calm and peaceful dog.

Remember, the most important aspect of choosing a name for your dog is finding one that resonates with you and your pet. Consider their personality, appearance, and the special bond you share. Ultimately, a biblical name can add a meaningful touch to your furry friend’s identity.