What is a fast fermenter?

Answered by Edward Huber

A fast fermenter is a revolutionary system that simplifies the fermentation process for brewers and winemakers. It is designed to allow both primary and secondary fermentation to take place in the same unit, eliminating the need for racking and transferring between different containers like buckets and carboys.

I first came across the FastFerment system when I was looking for a more efficient way to ferment my homemade beer. Traditional fermentation methods required me to transfer the beer from a primary fermenter to a secondary one, which was not only time-consuming but also increased the risk of contamination and oxidation.

With FastFerment, all these issues are eliminated. The system consists of a conical fermenter with a built-in yeast collection ball, a sampling port, and a sediment collection point. The conical shape allows for a more efficient settling of yeast and sediment, resulting in clearer and better-tasting beer or wine.

One of the main advantages of the FastFerment system is its simplicity. Setting it up is a breeze, and it can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. The fermenter has a large capacity, allowing for the fermentation of larger batches. It also comes with a handy collection ball, which collects and separates the yeast from the liquid, making it easy to harvest and reuse the yeast for future batches.

The sampling port is another great feature of the FastFerment system. It allows me to take samples of my beer or wine during fermentation without the need to open the fermenter and risk contamination. This is particularly useful for monitoring the progress of fermentation and adjusting any necessary parameters such as temperature or sugar levels.

Cleaning the FastFerment system is also a breeze. The conical shape and smooth interior surface make it easy to remove any leftover sediment or yeast. I simply rinse it with warm water and sanitize it before the next use. This saves me a lot of time and effort compared to traditional fermentation methods that involve multiple containers and equipment.

The FastFerment system has transformed my brewing and winemaking experience. It has made the fermentation process faster, simpler, and more efficient. I no longer have to worry about transferring my beer or wine between different containers, and the quality of the final product has significantly improved. If you’re a homebrewer or winemaker looking for a game-changer in fermentation, I highly recommend giving the FastFerment system a try.