What is a famous Bermuda cocktail?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

A famous Bermuda cocktail is the Dark ‘n Stormy®. This classic drink combines Bermuda’s local rum with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime juice. The combination of the dark rum and the spicy ginger beer creates a unique and delicious flavor profile. The Dark ‘n Stormy® is often garnished with a wedge of lime and served over ice in a tall glass.

I had the pleasure of trying a Dark ‘n Stormy® when I visited Bermuda a few years ago. The first thing that struck me was the rich and deep color of the drink. The dark rum gave it a beautiful amber hue, which was complemented by the effervescence of the ginger beer.

As I took my first sip, I was immediately hit with the bold flavors of the rum and the spicy kick of the ginger beer. The sweetness of the rum was balanced by the tangy lime juice, creating a well-rounded and refreshing taste. It was the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm day, sitting by the beach and taking in the stunning views of Bermuda.

Another famous Bermuda cocktail is the Rum Swizzle. This cocktail is a blend of various rums, fruit juices, and bitters. It is often described as a more potent and complex version of the Dark ‘n Stormy®.

The Rum Swizzle is traditionally made by vigorously stirring the ingredients with a swizzle stick, which is a wooden tool with prongs at the end. This stirring technique not only mixes the flavors but also adds a frothy texture to the drink. The Rum Swizzle is typically served in a tall glass filled with crushed ice and garnished with a slice of orange and a cherry.

During my visit to Bermuda, I had the opportunity to try a Rum Swizzle at a local bar. The bartender expertly mixed the rums, fruit juices, and bitters, creating a vibrant and colorful concoction. The taste was both sweet and tangy, with hints of tropical fruits and spices.

What I loved about the Rum Swizzle was its complexity. Each sip revealed different layers of flavors, making it a truly enjoyable and intriguing drink. It was the kind of cocktail that you could sip slowly and savor, appreciating the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

The Dark ‘n Stormy® and the Rum Swizzle are two famous Bermuda cocktails that showcase the unique flavors of the island’s local rum. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the Dark ‘n Stormy® or the complexity of the Rum Swizzle, these cocktails are sure to transport you to the sunny shores of Bermuda with every sip.