What is a blue Boston terrier?

Answered by Jason Smith

A Blue Boston Terrier is a unique variation of the traditional Boston Terrier breed. While the standard Boston Terrier has a black coat, the Blue Boston Terrier has a dilute of black, resulting in a grey, silver, or blue coat. This distinct coloration is caused by a mutation in the chromosome pool of the Blue Boston Terrier.

The term “blue” in the context of dog coat colors refers to a dilution of black pigment. The dilution gene affects the production of eumelanin, which is responsible for the black color in a dog’s coat. In Blue Boston Terriers, this dilution gene alters the black pigment to create a lighter shade, resulting in the blue or grayish appearance.

It is important to note that the term “blue” can sometimes be misleading, as it does not mean that the Blue Boston Terrier is actually blue in color like the sky or ocean. Rather, the coat color can range from a light gray to a deeper steel blue shade, depending on the individual dog. Some Blue Boston Terriers may even have a slight silvery sheen to their coat.

The presence of the dilution gene in Blue Boston Terriers is a result of a genetic mutation. This mutation alters the way the genes responsible for coat color express themselves, leading to the dilution of black pigment. While this mutation is not harmful to the dog’s health, it does create a unique and visually striking appearance.

It is worth noting that the Blue Boston Terrier is not recognized as a separate breed by major kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC). However, they can still participate in various dog shows and competitions under the Boston Terrier breed standard, as long as they meet the other criteria apart from coat color.

While the Blue Boston Terrier may have a distinct coat color, their temperament and characteristics remain consistent with the Boston Terrier breed. They are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them wonderful companions and family pets.

A Blue Boston Terrier is a variation of the traditional Boston Terrier breed with a dilute of black pigment in their coat, resulting in a grey, silver, or blue appearance. This unique coat color is caused by a genetic mutation that alters the expression of genes responsible for coat color. Despite their visually striking appearance, Blue Boston Terriers share the same temperament and characteristics as their black-coated counterparts.