What is 750 mL of whiskey called?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

When it comes to whiskey, a bottle size of 750 ml is commonly referred to as “a fifth.” This term originated from the fact that it is equivalent to one-fifth of a gallon, which is approximately 3.17 cups or 25.36 fluid ounces.

The term “a fifth” is often used in the United States, particularly in relation to alcoholic beverages. It has become a standard measurement for whiskey and other spirits. It is important to note that this measurement is specific to the US market, as other countries may use different bottle sizes or measurements.

In addition to the 750 ml bottle, there are other common bottle sizes for whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. These include 50 ml, which is often referred to as a “nip” or “miniature” bottle. These small bottles are commonly used for sampling or travel purposes.

Another common bottle size is 100 ml, which is slightly larger than the nip bottle. It is often used for individual servings or as part of a gift set. The 200 ml bottle is also popular and is commonly referred to as a “half pint.”

For those who prefer a smaller quantity, the 375 ml bottle is available. This size is often referred to as a “pint” or “half bottle.” It provides a more moderate amount of whiskey compared to the standard 750 ml bottle.

On the larger end of the spectrum, there are 1 liter and 1.75 liter bottles. These sizes are often referred to as “handles” or “large format” bottles. They are commonly purchased for parties, events, or for those who consume whiskey regularly.

It is worth noting that these bottle sizes may vary slightly depending on the brand and country of origin. Some distilleries may offer unique bottle sizes or limited edition releases, adding to the variety of options available to whiskey enthusiasts.

In my personal experience, I have found that the 750 ml bottle is a popular choice for whiskey enthusiasts. It provides a substantial amount of whiskey that can be enjoyed over multiple occasions or shared with friends. The versatility of this size makes it a common choice for both casual drinkers and collectors alike.

The term “a fifth” is widely recognized as the standard measurement for a 750 ml bottle of whiskey in the United States. While there are other bottle sizes available, each serving its own purpose, the 750 ml bottle remains a popular choice for whiskey lovers.