What is 3 finger drag on Macbook?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

The three-finger drag feature on MacBooks allows you to use a three-finger gesture on the trackpad to drag items, such as files or windows, across the screen. It is a convenient and efficient way to move objects without having to click and hold on them.

To enable the three-finger drag feature, you need to have a trackpad that supports Force Touch. This includes newer MacBook models released in 2015 and later. To check if your trackpad supports Force Touch, go to the Apple menu (), select “System Preferences,” and then click on “Accessibility.”

In the Accessibility preferences, you will find a list of options on the left side of the window. Look for the “Pointer Control” category and click on it. Then, on the right side of the window, you should see a checkbox for “Trackpad Options.” Click on the “Trackpad Options” button, and a new window will appear.

In the Trackpad Options window, you can customize various trackpad settings. Look for the checkbox that says “Enable dragging” and select it. From the dropdown menu next to it, choose “three finger drag.” This will enable the three-finger drag gesture on your trackpad.

Once you have enabled the three-finger drag, you can use it by placing three fingers on the trackpad and moving them together. This gesture will allow you to drag and move items on the screen effortlessly. You no longer need to click and hold on an object to move it; instead, you can simply use the three-finger drag gesture.

The three-finger drag feature can be especially useful for people with mobility or dexterity limitations, as it provides an alternative method for interacting with the computer. It eliminates the need for precise clicking and dragging, making it easier to move objects around the screen.

I personally find the three-finger drag feature to be a great addition to the MacBook trackpad. It enhances productivity and makes tasks like rearranging files or resizing windows much more efficient. It also reduces strain on the fingers and wrist compared to traditional click-and-drag methods.

The three-finger drag is a handy feature for MacBook users who have a trackpad that supports Force Touch. It offers a more intuitive and effortless way to drag and move items on the screen, improving productivity and ease of use.