What if the right hand is too dominant in golf swing?

Answered by Robert Dupre

If the right hand becomes too dominant in a golf swing, it can have a negative impact on the club face through impact. This can result in a closed club face and a ball flight that goes low and left for a right-handed golfer. It is important to understand how to properly grip the club and maintain a balanced hand position to prevent this from happening.

When gripping the club, it is crucial to ensure that the right hand sits below the left hand (for right-handed golfers) and holds the grip through the fingers rather than the palm. This allows for better control and prevents the right hand from overpowering the swing.

To avoid the right hand becoming too dominant, it is helpful to focus on the left hand’s role in the swing. The left hand should have a slightly stronger grip, meaning it is turned slightly more to the right for a right-handed golfer. This helps promote a square club face at impact.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to work on improving the overall grip strength and stability of the left hand. This can be done through specific exercises and drills that target the muscles used in the golf swing. Strengthening the left hand can help balance out the power and control between the two hands.

Practicing with a focus on maintaining a balanced and controlled grip can also help prevent the right hand from taking over during the swing. This involves being mindful of the pressure applied by each hand and ensuring that the left hand remains the dominant force throughout the swing.

In my personal experience, I have struggled with a dominant right hand in the past. This led to inconsistent ball flight and a lack of control over my shots. However, by working on my grip and focusing on the role of the left hand, I was able to correct this issue and improve my overall swing.

To summarize, if the right hand becomes too dominant in a golf swing, it can negatively affect the club face through impact, resulting in a low and left ball flight for right-handed golfers. Proper grip and hand position, along with a focus on the left hand’s role, can help prevent this from happening. Practice and awareness are key in maintaining a balanced and controlled grip throughout the swing.