What if Piccolo fused with Lord Slug?

Answered by James Kissner

If Piccolo were to fuse with Lord Slug, the resulting fusion would indeed be incredibly powerful. According to Nail, the merge would make Piccolo five times stronger. However, it’s important to note that this statement was made in the context of the Namekian fusion between Piccolo and Nail, not specifically about the fusion with Lord Slug. So, while we can assume that the fusion with Lord Slug would still result in a significant power boost, it may not be exactly five times stronger.

Lord Slug, as a Super Namekian, possesses immense power and abilities. He is shown to be capable of transforming into a giant form, granting him a substantial increase in strength. Additionally, he has access to various energy-based attacks, including the powerful Darkness Eye Beam. These abilities, combined with Piccolo’s already formidable power, would undoubtedly create a fusion of incredible strength.

In terms of physical strength, the fusion would likely have a significant advantage over most opponents. Piccolo has consistently demonstrated his incredible strength throughout the series, and Lord Slug’s power would only further enhance this aspect. The fusion would possess the ability to deliver devastating blows and overpower even the strongest of adversaries.

Furthermore, the fusion would benefit from both Piccolo’s and Lord Slug’s vast knowledge and experience in combat. Piccolo is a skilled strategist and tactician, often analyzing his opponents’ weaknesses and adapting his fighting style accordingly. Lord Slug, being an ancient Namekian, would bring a wealth of knowledge and battle experience to the fusion. This combination of intelligence and experience would make the fusion a formidable opponent in any fight.

In terms of energy projection, the fusion would likely have a wide array of powerful techniques at its disposal. Piccolo is known for his signature attack, the Special Beam Cannon, which has proven to be incredibly destructive. Lord Slug’s Darkness Eye Beam, which can pierce through solid objects and cause massive damage, would add another devastating energy attack to the fusion’s arsenal.

However, it’s important to consider that fusion is not solely about raw power. The compatibility and synergy between the two individuals involved also play a significant role in determining the strength of the fusion. While Piccolo and Lord Slug are both Namekians, there may be differences in their personalities, fighting styles, and power levels that could affect the overall effectiveness of the fusion.

If Piccolo were to fuse with Lord Slug, the resulting fusion would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with. The fusion would possess immense physical strength, a wide array of powerful energy attacks, and the strategic prowess of both Piccolo and Lord Slug. While it may not precisely result in a fivefold increase in power as stated by Nail, the fusion would still be a formidable opponent capable of taking on even the strongest adversaries.