What hints does NGL give?

Answered by Willie Powers

NGL, a platform that focuses on privacy and anonymity, offers a feature called ‘hints’ to provide users with additional information about other users without disclosing their actual name or user handle. These hints are designed to give users some insight into the identity and characteristics of others, while still maintaining their privacy.

One type of hint that NGL provides is related to the device model of a user. When viewing someone’s profile, you may come across hints that reveal the type of device they are using, such as iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S10. This can give you a general idea of the technology preferences of the person you are interacting with, without revealing their specific identity.

Another type of hint that NGL offers is related to the location of a user. While the exact location is not disclosed, hints can provide information about the general region or city where a user is located. For example, you might see a hint indicating that a user is from London or New York. This can help create a sense of connection or relevance, especially if you are looking to interact with people from specific locations.

It’s important to note that these hints are intentionally limited in scope and do not provide detailed personal information about users. They are designed to strike a balance between providing some context while still respecting privacy. This approach ensures that users can engage in conversations and interactions while maintaining a certain level of anonymity.

By offering these hints, NGL aims to enhance the user experience by providing some additional context about other users without compromising their privacy. These hints can help facilitate meaningful conversations and connections while maintaining a certain level of anonymity and security.

NGL’s hints feature provides users with information about other users’ device models and general locations, allowing for a sense of connection and relevance without revealing personal identities. This feature contributes to the platform’s focus on privacy and anonymity, ensuring that users can engage in meaningful interactions while maintaining their privacy.