What happens when you yawn Islam?

Answered by Robert Flynn

When I yawn in Islam, it is believed that Satan is entering my body. This cultural belief was surveyed by Pierre Saintyves in 1921. It is interesting to note that Islam associates yawning with the presence of Satan, while sneezing is seen as a sign of him leaving the body.

In Islamic culture, yawning is considered to be a vulnerable state where one’s body is momentarily displaced, allowing Satan to enter. It is seen as a moment when a person becomes open to negative influences. This belief is rooted in the idea that Satan constantly seeks opportunities to lead people astray and disrupt their connection with God.

On the other hand, sneezing is considered a positive and purifying act in Islam. It is believed that when a person sneezes, Satan is expelled from the body. This act is often followed by saying “Alhamdulillah” (praise be to God) as a way to express gratitude and acknowledge God’s blessings.

It is important to note that these cultural beliefs about yawning and sneezing in Islam may vary among different Muslim communities and individuals. Not all Muslims may interpret these actions in the same way, and personal beliefs and cultural practices can differ.

Personally, I have experienced the cultural significance of yawning and sneezing in Islam. Growing up in a Muslim household, I was taught to be conscious of my actions and their spiritual implications. I remember being told to cover my mouth when yawning to prevent Satan from entering my body. Similarly, when someone sneezed, it was customary to say “Alhamdulillah” and offer blessings.

These beliefs and practices are deeply ingrained in Islamic culture, and they highlight the significance of maintaining a spiritual connection and protecting oneself from negative influences. While some may view these beliefs as superstitions, they hold cultural and spiritual value for many Muslims.

According to the cultural beliefs surveyed by Pierre Saintyves in 1921, yawning in Islam is seen as a sign of Satan entering the body, while sneezing is viewed as a sign of his departure. These beliefs emphasize the importance of spiritual awareness and protection against negative influences. It is important to remember that individual interpretations and practices may vary within the Muslim community.