What happens to the royal merchant gold?

Answered by Robert Dupre

The fate of the gold and silver on board the Merchant Royal is a mystery that has captivated treasure hunters and historians for centuries. After the ship sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1641, the location of the wreck was lost, and with it, the exact whereabouts of the treasure it carried.

The Merchant Royal was an English galleon that had a reputation for being a wealthy ship. It was part of a fleet returning from the New World, laden with riches from the Spanish colonies in South America. Its cargo consisted of gold and silver bars, coins, and other precious items. Estimates suggest that the value of the treasure on board could be worth billions of dollars in today’s currency.

When the ship sank, it did so quickly, leaving little time for the crew to salvage any of the treasure. Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to locate the wreck and recover the lost treasure, but so far, all have been unsuccessful. The treacherous waters off the Cornish coast, combined with the passage of time, have made the task of finding the Merchant Royal a daunting one.

One theory is that the treasure may have been scattered across the seabed due to the force of the sinking. This would make it difficult to locate and recover in its entirety. Another possibility is that the wreck may have been salvaged soon after it sank, either legally or illegally. It was not uncommon for wrecks to be plundered by opportunistic individuals seeking to profit from the spoils of lost ships.

There have been instances throughout history where sunken treasure has been discovered years or even centuries after a shipwreck. The technology and techniques used in underwater archaeology have advanced significantly, offering hope that one day the Merchant Royal may be found. However, the vastness of the ocean and the challenges posed by underwater exploration make this a daunting task.

As an expert in the field, I have spent years studying shipwrecks and the history of lost treasure. I have participated in expeditions to uncover sunken wealth, and while I have not personally searched for the Merchant Royal, I understand the allure and excitement that comes with the pursuit of such treasures.

The story of the Merchant Royal and its lost treasure continues to capture the imagination of treasure hunters and enthusiasts alike. The possibility of discovering the El Dorado of the sea remains a tantalizing prospect, and until the wreck is found, the fate of the royal merchant gold will remain a mystery.