What happens to Hercules after he dies?

Answered by Robert Flynn

After Hercules died, his mortal portion perished, and his soul ascended to Mount Olympus. As the son of Zeus, Hercules had always carried a divine essence within him, and upon his death, Zeus reclaimed this “god” half and welcomed him back to the realm of the gods.

Once in Olympus, Hercules found himself reunited with his stepmother, Hera. Their relationship had been tumultuous during his mortal life, with Hera often attempting to thwart his heroic endeavors out of jealousy and anger. However, in the realm of the gods, Zeus was able to mend their strained relationship, and Hercules and Hera reconciled.

In a twist of fate, Hercules found love in Olympus and eventually married Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hebe was the goddess of youth and was responsible for serving ambrosia, the food of the gods, to the immortals. Hercules and Hebe’s union symbolized a fresh start for Hercules, as he left behind his mortal struggles and embraced his new life as a god.

Being in Olympus allowed Hercules to continue his heroic deeds, albeit in a different capacity. He became a renowned protector of mortals, using his strength and wisdom to guide and assist those in need. His experiences as a mortal had shaped him into a compassionate and empathetic god, and he used his powers for the betterment of humanity.

In Olympus, Hercules also found a sense of belonging and purpose. Surrounded by other gods and goddesses, he was able to forge deep connections and friendships, sharing in their triumphs and sorrows. He became a respected member of the divine community, admired for his bravery and selflessness.

While Hercules had achieved immortality and found happiness in Olympus, he never forgot his mortal origins. He remained humble and grounded, always mindful of the struggles and hardships faced by humanity. This perspective allowed him to bring a unique perspective to the divine realm, bridging the gap between gods and mortals.

After Hercules died, his mortal portion perished, and he ascended to Mount Olympus as a god. There, he made amends with Hera and married Hebe, finding love and purpose in the divine realm. Hercules continued to use his strength and wisdom to protect and assist mortals, while also forging deep connections with other gods and goddesses. Throughout his journey, he remained humble and compassionate, never forgetting his mortal origins.