What happens if you don’t pour water on Undyne?

Answered by Frank Schwing

If you choose not to give Undyne the water in the game Undertale, there are two possible outcomes that can occur. First, Undyne can fall into the lava and be defeated, resulting in her death. Alternatively, if she doesn’t fall into the lava, she will suffer from dehydration and eventually die. Let’s explore these two scenarios further.

1. Undyne falls into the lava:
If you decide not to pour water on Undyne during the battle, she will slowly lose her strength and eventually fall into the lava below. This outcome is quite tragic, as it signifies her defeat and ultimate demise. Undyne is a determined and strong character, known for her bravery and determination to protect her friends and the Underground. Seeing her fall into the lava can be quite shocking and emotional for players who have grown attached to her character.

2. Undyne dies from dehydration:
In an alternative scenario, if Undyne doesn’t fall into the lava, she will continue battling you but gradually weaken due to dehydration. Undyne is a monster who relies on water to sustain her strength and abilities. Without it, she becomes weaker and more vulnerable. As the battle progresses, her attacks become less frequent and less powerful. Eventually, she will succumb to dehydration and perish.

The consequences of not giving Undyne water highlight the importance of making choices in the game. Undertale emphasizes the impact of your decisions on the characters and the world around you. In this case, not providing Undyne with water leads to her defeat and demise, ultimately affecting the outcome of the game.

It is worth noting that Undertale is a game that allows for multiple playthroughs and different endings. Therefore, players have the option to make different choices and experience various outcomes. This adds to the replay value of the game, as players can explore different paths and discover new storylines.

If you choose not to give Undyne water in Undertale, she will either fall into the lava and die, or suffer from dehydration and eventually perish. These outcomes highlight the consequences of your choices in the game and add to the emotional depth and impact of the storyline. Undertale’s emphasis on decision-making and multiple outcomes makes it a unique and engaging gaming experience.