What happens if I dont get Nest Aware?

Answered by Frank Schwing

If you choose not to get a Nest Aware subscription, you can still enjoy some basic features of your Nest Hello product. You will still have access to live footage from your doorbell camera, allowing you to see who is at your door in real-time. This can be useful for quickly checking who is outside or if you’re expecting a delivery.

The Nest app will still send you notifications whenever there is activity detected at your front door. Whether it’s someone ringing the doorbell or the camera detecting motion, you’ll be able to see a snapshot of the event through the notification. This can be handy for determining if it’s a friend or a stranger at your door, or if there’s any suspicious activity happening.

While you won’t have access to saved recordings without Nest Aware, you can still use the app to review recent events that triggered a notification. For example, if you’re away from home and receive a notification that someone was at your door, you can open the app and see the snapshot captured at that time. This gives you a sense of what’s happening without the need for continuous recording.

It’s important to note that without Nest Aware, you won’t have access to advanced features like continuous video recording, intelligent alerts, or the ability to create activity zones. These features are only available with a Nest Aware subscription.

I personally have found the live footage and notification features to be quite useful even without Nest Aware. Being able to see who’s at the door and quickly check if it’s someone important has saved me time and provided peace of mind. While the additional features offered by Nest Aware can enhance the overall experience, they may not be necessary for everyone.

If you choose not to get Nest Aware, you can still enjoy live footage and receive notifications from your Nest Hello doorbell. You won’t have access to saved recordings or advanced features, but the basic functionality can still be quite beneficial.