How Long Will Yvonne Last in “Pretty Little Liars” Original Sin”

In the world of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the character Yvonne Phillips has experienced a series of unfortunate events that have left fans heartbroken. Yvonne, portrayed by actress Bailee Madison, has faced numerous challenges that have impacted her life in significant ways.

One of the first major events in Yvonne’s storyline occurred when she and her boyfriend Toby decided to leave Rosewood and settle in Maine. However, their plans were abruptly disrupted when they were involved in a car accident. The accident was caused by a collision with a deer, resulting in Yvonne and Toby being rushed to the hospital.

The severity of Yvonne’s injuries led to her being placed in a medically induced coma. This devastating turn of events left Toby and their loved ones fearful and uncertain about her future. The situation took an even more distressing turn when it was revealed that someone from the Hastings campaign leaked information about Yvonne’s past abortion, which had the potential to damage her mother’s pro-life campaign.

As if that wasn’t enough, Yvonne faced further trauma when someone, possibly Noel Kahn, broke into Toby’s trailer and assaulted her. This heartbreaking event occurred after Toby decided to help his ex-girlfriend, Spencer, with her own troubles related to the mysterious A.D. character. This assault ultimately led to a heart-wrenching scene where Spencer urged Toby to leave Rosewood and build a new life for himself and Yvonne elsewhere.

The emotional toll of these events on Yvonne’s character, as well as the physical challenges faced by Bailee Madison in portraying a pregnant teen, highlight the complexity and depth of her storyline. Madison has mentioned that wearing a fake stomach for nine months affected her physically on set, emphasizing the commitment and dedication required to bring Yvonne’s character to life.

The tumultuous journey of Yvonne Phillips serves as a reminder of the twists and turns that can occur in the world of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. As fans await further developments in Yvonne’s story, they are left pondering the impact of these events on her life and relationships.

The character of Yvonne Phillips in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has faced a series of heartbreaking events that have shaped her storyline. From the car accident and induced coma to the leaked information about her past and the assault, Yvonne’s journey has been filled with challenges and emotional turmoil. As the show progresses, viewers will undoubtedly be captivated by the continued evolution of Yvonne’s character and the impact these events have on her life.

Why Was Yvonne In The Hospital PLL?

Yvonne was in the hospital in Pretty Little Liars (PLL) due to a serious car accident. After hitting a deer while driving with Toby, she sustained severe injuries. As a result, Yvonne was placed in a medically induced coma to stabilize her condition and allow her body to heal.

The accident occurred as Toby and Yvonne were leaving Rosewood and planning to settle in Maine. Unfortunately, their journey was cut short when their car collided with a deer, resulting in a traumatic event. The impact of the accident caused significant harm to Yvonne, necessitating immediate medical attention.

To ensure Yvonne received the best possible care, doctors decided to induce a coma. A medically induced coma is a controlled state of unconsciousness induced by medications. This state allows the body to rest and heal, particularly in cases of severe injuries or brain trauma. By placing Yvonne in a coma, medical professionals aimed to stabilize her condition and give her body time to recover.

The decision to induce a coma is not taken lightly, as it carries some risks and potential complications. However, in Yvonne’s case, it was deemed necessary due to the severity of her injuries. The coma allowed the medical team to closely monitor her condition and provide the appropriate medical interventions.

It is important to note that the duration of Yvonne’s coma and her overall recovery process were not explicitly stated in the show. However, the fact that she was placed in a medically induced coma suggests that her injuries were quite serious, and her recovery would likely be a long and challenging journey.

Yvonne was in the hospital in PLL because she was involved in a car accident after hitting a deer. She sustained severe injuries, leading to her being placed in a medically induced coma to stabilize her condition and aid in her recovery.

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What Was The Leak About Yvonne On PLL?

The leak about Yvonne on PLL refers to the revelation that someone from the Hastings campaign disclosed information about Yvonne Phillips having had an abortion in the past. This particular leak has significant implications because it directly impacts Yvonne’s mother’s pro-life campaign.

Here are some key points regarding the leak about Yvonne on PLL:

1. Leaked Information: The leak involved the disclosure of private and sensitive information about Yvonne Phillips’ personal history. Specifically, it revealed that she had undergone an abortion at some point in her life.

2. Implication for Yvonne’s Mother’s Campaign: Yvonne’s mother is involved in a pro-life campaign, which supports the right to life and opposes abortion. The leak of Yvonne’s abortion history creates a conflict of interest and poses a challenge for her mother’s campaign. It can potentially undermine the campaign’s credibility, as it reflects a contradiction within Yvonne’s family.

3. Reputation and Perception: The leak also has the potential to tarnish Yvonne’s reputation and public perception. It may raise questions about her personal beliefs and values, as well as create doubts regarding her commitment to her mother’s pro-life cause.

4. Political Ramifications: The leak can have political consequences, especially in the context of the Hastings campaign. It may lead to a loss of trust in the campaign’s ability to handle sensitive information and maintain confidentiality. Additionally, it could affect the public’s perception of the Hastings campaign’s integrity and ethical standards.

5. Impact on Yvonne: Personally, the leak can have emotional and psychological ramifications for Yvonne. The disclosure of such private information without her consent can be distressing and intrusive, potentially causing her personal harm.

The leak about Yvonne on PLL involves the revelation that she had an abortion, which poses significant challenges for her mother’s pro-life campaign. It has the potential to damage Yvonne’s reputation, create conflicts of interest, and impact the public perception of the Hastings campaign’s credibility and ethical standards.

Who Assaulted Yvonne PLL?

The identity of the person who assaulted Yvonne on PLL (Pretty Little Liars) has not been explicitly revealed in the show. However, based on the events that occurred, it is strongly implied that Noel Kahn, a recurring character on the show, is the likely culprit.

In the episode where Yvonne was assaulted, Toby Cavanaugh, Spencer’s ex-boyfriend, decided to help her with her A.D. troubles. Shortly after this, Toby’s trailer was broken into, and Yvonne was attacked. Although the show does not directly show who committed the assault, the sequence of events strongly suggests that Noel Kahn was behind it.

Noel Kahn has been portrayed as a manipulative and dangerous character throughout the series. He has often been involved in questionable activities and has been known to harm others for personal gain. Therefore, it is not surprising that he would be responsible for the assault on Yvonne.

It is important to note that this answer is based on the information provided in the show and may be subject to change as the storyline develops.

Who Gets Pregnant In Pretty Little Liars?

In the television series Pretty Little Liars, the character who becomes pregnant is Imogen Adams, portrayed by Bailee Madison. Imogen is a teenage girl who finds herself expecting a child. This storyline adds an interesting twist to the show and explores the challenges and consequences that come with teenage pregnancy. Bailee Madison’s character, Imogen, wears a fake stomach for a period of nine months, which is equivalent to a full-term pregnancy. This physical transformation affects her actions and movements on set. The portrayal of Imogen’s pregnancy adds depth to the plot and provides a platform to address important issues surrounding young parenthood.


Yvonne’s journey on Pretty Little Liars has been filled with tragedy and challenges. From the accident that left her in a coma to the leaked information about her past, Yvonne has faced numerous obstacles. The assault on her by an unknown assailant further added to her suffering. Throughout it all, Yvonne’s strength and resilience have shone through, as she fought to recover and support Toby. However, the toll of these events ultimately led to Spencer urging Toby to leave Rosewood and start anew with Yvonne. The storyline surrounding Yvonne’s character highlights the complexities and consequences of secrets, political campaigns, and the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones. It is a heartbreaking tale that showcases the emotional turmoil and sacrifices made in the pursuit of justice and personal happiness.

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