Steven’s Story Remains Unfinished in “Dynasty”

In the popular TV series “Dynasty,” the character of Steven Carrington, portrayed by actor James Mackay, undergoes a dramatic transformation and ultimately disappears from the show. Steven’s storyline takes a dark turn when he is manipulated and ultimately betrayed by his half-brother, Adam Carrington, played by Sam Underwood.

Steven’s journey starts off on a positive note as he embarks on a charitable mission to Paraguay. However, things take a drastic turn when he ends up in Paris after a life-altering experience with Ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic plant brew. This experience seems to have a profound impact on Steven, leading to significant changes in his personality and behavior.

Upon returning to the Carrington manor, Steven finds himself at odds with his family, particularly Adam. Adam, driven by jealousy and the desire to claim what he believes is rightfully his, resorts to extreme measures to undermine Steven’s credibility and sanity.

In a shocking twist, Adam kidnaps Steven and ties him up in a cabin. He then proceeds to peel off his own face to reveal that he is, in fact, masquerading as Graham, the new majordomo of the manor. This gruesome act reveals Adam’s true intentions and highlights his manipulative and deceitful nature.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Adam had orchestrated Steven’s disappearance, staged a robbery to make it seem like Steven had lost his passport, and even staged a suicide scene to further isolate and destabilize Steven. These actions ultimately lead to Steven being institutionalized in a psychiatric facility in Paris.

Surprisingly, after this intense storyline, Steven’s character is largely forgotten and rarely mentioned in subsequent episodes. The show moves on without him, as if he had never existed. This sudden disappearance and lack of closure for Steven’s character have left fans puzzled and curious about his fate.

It is worth noting that James Mackay, the actor who portrayed Steven, hinted in an Instagram post that his departure from the show was not his decision. This suggests that there may have been behind-the-scenes factors contributing to the character’s abrupt exit.

Steven Carrington’s character in “Dynasty” undergoes a dramatic transformation and ultimately disappears from the show. Manipulated and betrayed by his half-brother Adam, Steven’s journey takes a dark turn, leading to his institutionalization in a psychiatric facility. However, the lack of closure surrounding Steven’s character leaves fans with unanswered questions and a sense of intrigue.

Does Steven Ever Come Back In Dynasty?

Steven Carrington, played by James Mackay, does make a return in the TV series Dynasty. After leaving the show in Season 1, the character of Steven was absent for a while. However, he does come back later in the series.

In the third season of Dynasty, Steven returns to the show, but he is portrayed by a different actor, namely Sam Underwood. This change in casting was due to James Mackay’s availability for the role at the time. Despite the actor change, the character of Steven still plays a significant role in the storyline.

Steven’s return is marked by several dramatic twists and turns. He initially comes back to help his family deal with various challenges and conflicts. However, as the season progresses, Steven’s character undergoes significant changes. He becomes involved in a tumultuous romantic relationship and faces personal struggles.

It’s important to note that the character of Steven is written out of the show again after the third season. As of now, there have been no announcements regarding his potential return in future seasons.

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Why Did Steven Leave The Dynasty?

Steven’s departure from the Dynasty can be attributed to several factors. It is important to note that the decision was not made by him, but rather imposed upon him. Here are the key reasons behind his departure:

1. Charitable Mission in Paraguay: Steven embarked on a charitable mission to Paraguay, wherein he dedicated his time and efforts towards helping others in need. This selfless act of service led him to temporarily leave the Dynasty to fulfill his philanthropic aspirations.

2. Life-Altering Experience with Ayahuasca: During his time in Paraguay, Steven had a profound and transformative experience with Ayahuasca, a powerful psychoactive plant medicine. This experience had a significant impact on him, altering his perspective on life and prompting him to reassess his priorities.

3. Addiction and Rehab: Prior to his departure, Steven had a history of struggling with addiction and had been in and out of rehab numerous times. It is possible that his addiction played a role in his decision to leave the Dynasty, as he may have felt the need to focus on his recovery and personal well-being.

4. Lack of Control: Mackay’s Instagram post hinted that Steven’s departure was not his own decision, suggesting that external forces may have influenced or forced him to leave the Dynasty. The exact nature of these circumstances remains unclear.

A combination of Steven’s charitable mission, the transformative Ayahuasca experience, his history of addiction, and potential external factors contributed to his departure from the Dynasty.

What Happened To Fallon’s Brother Steven?

After Adam’s cruel manipulation, Steven finds himself confined to a psychiatric facility in Paris. This facility serves as a treatment center for individuals struggling with mental health issues. It is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for patients to receive the care they need.

Unfortunately, Steven’s presence in the facility goes largely unnoticed by those outside his immediate circle. As time passes, his existence fades into obscurity, with only occasional passing mentions made about him. These references are often fleeting and lack any significant detail.

Life continues to move forward without Steven, as if he had never been a part of it. The people who were once close to him gradually move on, focusing on their own lives and letting go of the memories associated with Steven. His absence becomes more pronounced as the years go by, with his name only occasionally resurfacing in conversation or casual reminiscences.

Despite the lack of attention and recognition, Steven’s journey within the psychiatric facility in Paris continues. He receives the necessary treatment and support from the medical professionals and staff present there. The facility aims to help patients like Steven regain stability and work towards their mental well-being.

After Adam’s manipulative act, Steven is left in a psychiatric facility in Paris, where he is largely forgotten by those who were once a part of his life. Life moves on without him, and his existence becomes a distant memory. However, within the facility, Steven receives the necessary care and support to work towards his mental health recovery.

Do They Find Out What Adam Did To Steven?

The truth about Adam’s actions towards Steven is eventually uncovered. As the story unfolds, evidence starts to emerge that points towards Adam’s involvement in staging the robbery and the loss of Steven’s passport. Additionally, it is revealed that Adam had drugged Steven and orchestrated the suicide scene.

The investigation into Steven’s disappearance and the subsequent events surrounding it reveal inconsistencies and discrepancies that raise suspicions about Adam’s role. Detectives and other characters in the story begin to piece together the truth, uncovering the various pieces of evidence that implicate Adam.

Some key pieces of evidence that contribute to the discovery of Adam’s actions include:

1. Surveillance footage: Security cameras or eyewitness accounts may capture Adam engaging in suspicious activities, such as tampering with Steven’s belongings or being in the vicinity of the crime scenes.

2. Forensic evidence: Analysis of the crime scenes may reveal signs of manipulation or staging, pointing towards Adam’s involvement. This could include fingerprints, DNA, or other physical traces that link Adam to the scenes.

3. Witness testimonies: People who were close to Steven or had interactions with Adam during the time of the incidents may come forward with information that raises doubts about Adam’s actions or provides direct evidence of his involvement.

4. Financial records: Investigations into Steven’s finances may reveal irregularities or discrepancies that suggest Adam’s motive for staging the events. This could include evidence of Adam attempting to gain control over Steven’s assets or financial transactions that link him to the crime.

As the evidence mounts, the truth about Adam’s deceitful actions becomes clearer to the authorities and other characters involved in the story. Eventually, Adam’s guilt is exposed, and he is held accountable for his crimes. The specific details of how the truth unfolds and how Adam is confronted may vary depending on the plot and narrative of the story.


Steven Carrington’s storyline on the television series “Dynasty” took a dramatic turn when he was written out of the show in a rather abrupt and confusing manner. After disappearing for a significant period of time, Steven made a surprising return to the show, only to be revealed as an imposter named Graham. The real Steven had been kidnapped and tied up, and it was eventually unveiled that Adam, another character on the show, was responsible for this elaborate scheme.

It is unfortunate that Steven’s departure from the show was not the result of a creative decision, but rather seemed to be a consequence of behind-the-scenes circumstances. This unexpected exit left fans puzzled and disappointed, especially considering the potential for further development of Steven’s character and storylines.

Furthermore, it is disheartening to note that after his departure, Steven is largely forgotten and barely mentioned in subsequent episodes. This lack of closure and resolution for his character leaves a void in the overall narrative of the show.

The treatment of Steven Carrington’s character on “Dynasty” raises questions about the handling of LGBTQ+ representation and storytelling on television. It is a missed opportunity to explore the complexities and growth of a significant LGBTQ+ character, and instead, his departure is relegated to a mere footnote in the show’s history.

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