Coach Moves Out in “New Girl”

In the hit TV show “New Girl,” Coach (played by Damon Wayans Jr.) is introduced as one of the original roommates in the pilot episode. However, his time in the show is short-lived, as he moves out in Episode 2, making way for the arrival of Winston Bishop (played by Lamorne Morris).

The on-screen reason for Coach’s departure is that he moves in with his girlfriend, Malia. This abrupt change in living arrangements leaves fans wondering what happened to Coach and why he left the loft so soon after joining.

According to reports, the real reason for Coach’s departure from “New Girl” stems from Damon Wayans Jr.’s commitments to another TV show called “Happy Endings.” Wayans had initially taken on the role of Coach believing that “Happy Endings” would not be renewed for another season. However, when it was, he had to return to his previous role as Brad Williams on the show.

This left “New Girl” with the task of explaining Coach’s sudden absence. Thus, the storyline was created where Coach moves out to live with his girlfriend. This plot twist effectively wrote out the character from the show, at least for the time being.

Despite his departure, Coach does make occasional guest appearances in later seasons of “New Girl.” He is often mentioned by the other characters, keeping his presence alive in the show’s narrative. However, these appearances are limited, and Coach’s story arc becomes less significant as the show progresses.

It is not until Season 3 of “New Girl” that Coach returns to the loft. He breaks up with his girlfriend and decides to move back in with his roommates. This second chance allows the character to reintegrate into the main cast and continue his journey alongside the other characters.

During his return, Coach shares a revelation that completely retcons his role in the pilot episode. He reveals that he had actually lived with the loftmates for several months before the events of the first episode. This new information adds an interesting layer to Coach’s character and provides a fresh perspective on his initial presence in the show.

Coach’s departure from “New Girl” in the early seasons was primarily due to Damon Wayans Jr.’s commitments to another TV show. The writers cleverly crafted a storyline to explain his absence, and Coach’s character later returns to the loft, adding depth to his role and enhancing the overall narrative of the show.

What Happened To Coach In Episode Two Of New Girl?

In episode two of New Girl, Coach, one of the main characters, was no longer part of the apartment. The reason for his departure was explained on-screen as him moving in with his girlfriend, Malia. This change led to the introduction of a new character named Winston Bishop, a former basketball player, who took Coach’s place in the apartment. The sudden departure of Coach and the introduction of Winston brought about a shift in the dynamics of the show and allowed for new storylines to develop.

what happened to coach in new girl

Where Did The Trainer Go In New Girl?

In the television series “New Girl,” the character Coach moves to New York with his girlfriend May at the end of season 4. Although he is no longer a regular character on the show, he does make guest appearances in seasons 5 through 7. Despite his absence, Coach is often mentioned throughout the series, keeping his presence alive in the storyline.

To summarize, Coach’s storyline in “New Girl” takes a turn when he decides to relocate to New York with his girlfriend May. While he may not be a main character anymore, he still pops up in later seasons as a guest and is frequently referenced by the other characters.

Why Did Coach Leave New Girl The Second Time?

Coach left New Girl for the second time due to contractual obligations with another show called Happy Endings. It was initially believed that Happy Endings would not be renewed for another season, so Coach took the role in New Girl. However, when Happy Endings was indeed renewed, he had to return to his previous character of Brad Williams in that show. The reason for Coach’s abrupt departure from New Girl was primarily due to his existing contract with Happy Endings, which required him to prioritize his commitment to that show over his role in New Girl.

Does Coach Return To New Girl?

Coach does return to New Girl in season 3. After breaking up with his girlfriend and realizing he still has feelings for the loft and its residents, Coach decides to move back in. This marks his second chance at living with Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston.

In the pilot episode of New Girl, Coach was actually one of the original roommates in the loft. However, due to actor Damon Wayans Jr.’s commitment to another show, he was written out of the series after the first episode. As a result, his character disappeared from the show without any explanation.

In season 3, the writers decided to retcon Coach’s role in the pilot by having him return to the loft. They introduced a storyline where Coach breaks up with his girlfriend and decides to move back in with his old roommates. This allows viewers to see Coach’s character develop and interact with the other main characters in the show.

Coach’s return to New Girl in season 3 provides a fresh dynamic to the loft and adds depth to the ensemble cast. It’s an interesting twist that allows for new storylines and character interactions to unfold.


Coach’s character in the TV show New Girl went through a series of changes and departures, but ultimately returned to the loft and became an integral part of the group. Initially, he moved in with the main characters in the pilot episode but left in Episode 2 to live with his girlfriend. This departure was due to the actor, Damon Wayans Jr., being under contract with another show, Happy Endings. However, he later returned to New Girl in season 3 after breaking up with his girlfriend and moved back into the loft.

Coach’s role in the pilot episode was retconned during his second chance with the show. He shared something that completely changed the perception of his character. This retcon suggests that there was more to Coach’s decision to move in with Jess and the guys than initially portrayed. This revelation added depth to his character and showcased the show’s ability to evolve and develop its characters over time.

Coach’s character in New Girl experienced a unique journey, with departures and returns that ultimately contributed to the show’s narrative. His presence in the loft brought comedic moments and a dynamic energy to the group, making him an essential part of the New Girl ensemble.

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