What group of dinosaurs is the T. rex in?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

The Tyrannosaurus rex, commonly known as the T. rex, belongs to the group of dinosaurs called theropods. Theropods are a subgroup of the Saurischia, which are characterized by their “reptile-hipped” structure. This means that their hip bones are arranged in a way similar to that of modern reptiles.

Within the Saurischia, the theropods are a diverse group of carnivorous dinosaurs that walked on two legs. They are known for their sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and often large size. The T. rex is one of the most famous and largest members of the theropod group.

Traditionally, the tyrannosaurs have been classified within the Carnosauria, which is another subgroup of the Saurischia. However, more recent studies and advancements in our understanding of dinosaur classification have placed the tyrannosaurs within the theropod group.

It is important to note that dinosaur classification is not always straightforward and can be subject to change as new evidence and research emerge. Scientists continuously study and analyze fossils to refine our understanding of dinosaur relationships and groupings.

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