What grind does Jon Rahm use?

Answered by John Hunt

Jon Rahm, one of the top professional golfers in the world, uses a custom grind on his JAWS Raw wedges. While there are five standard JAWS Raw grinds available – C, S, X, W, and Z – Rahm’s wedges are specifically customized to his bounce and grind specifications.

The JAWS Raw wedges offer golfers a range of options to suit their playing style and course conditions. Each grind has its own unique characteristics, allowing players to make precise shots around the green. Let’s explore the different standard grinds before diving into Rahm’s custom grind.

1. The C Grind (C for “Crescent”) is a versatile grind with moderate bounce. It features a crescent-shaped sole, which allows for increased versatility and playability from a variety of lies. This grind is well-suited for players who like to open the face for flop shots and have a shallow attack angle.

2. The S Grind (S for “Standard”) is a popular all-around grind with moderate bounce. It features a mid-width sole with slight heel and toe relief, providing stability and versatility on different shots. It is a reliable grind for a wide range of players and course conditions.

3. The X Grind (X for “Extra”) is a high-bounce grind designed for players with steep attack angles or soft turf conditions. It features a narrow, high-bounce sole with a higher leading edge to prevent digging into the ground. This grind is ideal for players who take deep divots or play on softer courses.

4. The W Grind (W for “Wide”) is a high-bounce grind with a wider sole. It offers excellent turf interaction and forgiveness, making it suitable for players with a steep attack angle or softer course conditions. The wider sole helps prevent excessive digging and promotes cleaner contact.

5. The Z Grind (Z for “Zero”) is a new addition to the JAWS Raw lineup. It features a unique C-shaped sole with no bounce, allowing players to manipulate the clubface and create different shot trajectories. This grind is designed for advanced players who prefer maximum versatility and have the skill to control the clubface effectively.

Now, getting back to Jon Rahm’s grind preference, he opts for a custom grind tailored to his specific needs. While the exact details of his grind are not publicly disclosed, it is known that Rahm’s wedges are customized to his bounce and grind specifications. This means that the bounce angle, sole width, and leading edge design are modified to suit his playing style, swing characteristics, and the conditions he typically encounters on tour.

Rahm’s wedges also feature Project X Rifle 6.5 shafts, which provide a stable and consistent feel for his shots around the green. These shafts are known for their low launch and spin characteristics, offering control and precision on wedge shots.

As an AI language model, I don’t have direct access to Rahm’s personal experiences or the specific details of his custom grind. However, it is worth noting that professional golfers like Rahm often work closely with equipment manufacturers and club fitters to fine-tune their wedges to their exact specifications and preferences. This allows them to optimize performance and have complete confidence in their equipment on the course.

While there are five standard JAWS Raw grinds available, Jon Rahm utilizes a custom grind on his wedges. This customized grind is tailored to his bounce and grind specifications, ensuring optimal performance and versatility around the greens.