What games left PS Now?

Answered by James Kissner

Several games have been removed from the US PS Now service. These include:

1. 100ft Robot Golf: This game allowed players to control giant robots and play golf in a destructible cityscape. It offered a unique twist on the traditional golfing experience.

2. A Bastard’s Tale: A challenging and atmospheric action game that placed players in the role of a medieval knight on a quest for revenge. The game focused on precise combat mechanics and featured a dark and gritty art style.

3. A Boy and His Blob: A charming and imaginative puzzle-platformer where players controlled a young boy and his shape-shifting blob companion. The game emphasized teamwork and problem-solving to overcome obstacles and rescue the boy’s kidnapped friend.

4. Act It Out!: A party game that encouraged players to act out various scenarios and guess the correct answers. It provided a fun and interactive experience for groups of friends or family.

5. Active Soccer 2 DX: A fast-paced and arcade-style soccer game that aimed to capture the excitement and intensity of the sport. It offered a variety of gameplay modes and customizable teams.

6. Adam’s Venture Origins: An adventure game set in the 1920s, where players followed the journey of explorer Adam Venture as he unraveled ancient mysteries and faced dangerous adversaries. The game combined puzzle-solving, platforming, and exploration elements.

7. Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion: Based on the popular animated series Adventure Time, this game allowed players to control Finn, Jake, and other beloved characters as they sailed through a flooded Land of Ooo. It featured turn-based combat, exploration, and humorous storytelling.

8. Aegis of Earth: A tower defense game with a twist, where players had to protect their city from waves of giant monsters. It offered strategic gameplay, resource management, and a wide variety of defensive structures.

These are just a few examples of the games that have been removed from the US PS Now service. The removal of games is a common occurrence in subscription-based services as the catalog is regularly updated to offer fresh content and accommodate licensing agreements.