Eren’s Titan Shifting Ability Gets Unlocked

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the popular anime series Attack on Titan, is a character who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story. One of the most pivotal moments in Eren’s journey occurs when he first becomes a Titan.

The episode in which Eren transforms into a Titan is Episode 8 of Season 1, appropriately titled “I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4.” It is during this episode that Eren’s true nature as a Titan shifter is revealed.

To understand how Eren became a Titan, we need to go back to the fall of the third wall, which was a devastating event in the series. Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, was also a Titan shifter, and he possessed the ability to transform into a Titan.

After the fall of the third wall, Grisha injected Eren with a serum that would turn him into a Titan. However, due to Eren’s lack of knowledge about his powers, his abilities remained dormant for some time.

It is not until later in the series that Eren’s Titan powers are awakened. In Episode 21 of Season 1, “Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5,” Eren is on the verge of death after being swallowed by a Titan known as the “Bearded Titan.”

In a desperate attempt to save himself, Eren instinctively transforms into a Titan for the first time. This transformation not only saves his life but also triggers a series of events that shape the course of the story.

Fast forward to Season 2, Episode 12, “Scream,” where Eren finds himself unable to transform into a Titan to save his comrade, Hannes, from the Smiling Titan. This moment is a turning point for Eren as he realizes that he needs to master his Titan abilities in order to protect those he cares about.

Eren’s transformation into a Titan is a crucial aspect of his character development in Attack on Titan. It not only grants him immense power but also brings forth a sense of responsibility and the realization that he must harness his abilities to fight against the Titans and protect humanity.

As the series progresses, Eren’s journey as a Titan shifter becomes more complex, and his role in the ongoing war against the Titans takes center stage. The story continues to unfold with many twists and turns, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting each new episode to see how Eren’s Titan powers will shape the fate of humanity.

Does Eren Become A Titan In Season 1?

In Season 1 of the anime series “Attack on Titan,” the character Eren Jaeger does indeed transform into a Titan. This transformation occurs during the intense battle between Eren and his fellow soldier Annie Leonhart in Stohess District. Eren, fueled by his desire for revenge and driven by his strong emotions, taps into his hidden ability to transform into a Titan.

As Eren’s rage reaches its peak, his body undergoes a dramatic transformation. He grows significantly in size, towering over his human form, and his skin hardens into the distinctive armor-like plates of a Titan. His eyes turn glowing green, and his teeth and nails become sharp and formidable.

The transformation allows Eren to harness incredible strength and agility, making him a formidable opponent against Annie. With his newfound Titan power, Eren charges at Annie with immense force, delivering a powerful punch that sends her crashing into a nearby cathedral. Fueled by his rage and determination, Eren continues his assault on Annie, stampeding towards her in a relentless pursuit.

It is important to note that Eren’s transformation into a Titan is a significant plot development in Season 1 of “Attack on Titan.” This event marks a turning point in the story, revealing the extent of Eren’s hidden abilities and setting the stage for further revelations and conflicts in the subsequent seasons.

Eren does become a Titan in Season 1 of “Attack on Titan.” His transformation occurs during his battle with Annie, and he utilizes his newfound Titan power to fiercely engage her, displaying immense strength and determination.

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How Did Eren First Turn Into A Titan?

Eren Yeager’s transformation into a Titan in the anime series “Attack on Titan” is a significant event in the storyline. The process of his initial transformation is as follows:

1. The Fall of Wall Maria: The story begins with the fall of Wall Maria, one of the three protective walls that safeguard humanity from the Titans. This tragic event leads to the invasion of Titans into human territory.

2. Eren’s Father: Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager, is an important character who holds a secret. Before the fall of Wall Maria, he injects Eren with a mysterious serum that grants him the ability to transform into a Titan.

3. Eren’s Amnesia: After the injection, Eren loses his memory and does not recall the events that took place. As a result, he remains unaware of his newfound Titan powers.

4. The Attack on Trost: During the Battle of Trost, Eren and his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, face imminent danger from a massive Colossal Titan breaching Wall Rose. In a moment of desperation, Eren unknowingly triggers his Titan transformation.

5. Eren’s First Transformation: As Eren’s life is endangered, his desire to protect humanity awakens his Titan powers. He transforms into a unique Titan known as the Attack Titan, characterized by its muscular build and distinctive facial features.

6. The Fight Against the Titans: Eren’s newly acquired Titan form allows him to fight against the invading Titans. He demonstrates exceptional combat skills and the ability to regenerate his body when injured, a common trait among Titans.

7. The Beard Titan’s Attack: During the Battle of Trost, Eren engages in combat with a mysterious Titan known as the Beard Titan or the Smiling Titan. In a twist of fate, the Beard Titan devours Eren, seemingly bringing an end to his Titan abilities.

8. Eren’s Awakening: However, instead of killing him, the Beard Titan’s consumption triggers a unique event. As Eren is about to die, his dormant powers are reawakened, and he emerges from the Beard Titan’s body in his human form.

9. Controlling Titan Powers: Eren’s return to human form marks a turning point in the series. He gains control over his Titan abilities and becomes a crucial asset in humanity’s fight against the Titans.

Eren’s transformation into a Titan occurs when he unknowingly consumes a serum injected by his father. However, it is not until he is on the verge of death, after being eaten by the Beard Titan, that his powers are fully awakened. This event sets the stage for Eren’s journey as a pivotal character in the ongoing battle against the Titans.

Does Eren Become A Titan In Season 2?

In the last episode of Season 2 of Attack on Titan, titled “Scream,” Eren Yeager is unable to transform into a Titan. Specifically, during the battle against the Smiling Titan, Eren is shown desperately trying to access his Titan powers to save Hannes but fails to do so. Despite his efforts and the dire situation, Eren remains in his human form, unable to transform into a Titan. This is a significant moment in the series, as it showcases Eren’s vulnerability and the limitations of his abilities.


Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, becomes a Titan after unknowingly consuming his father and inheriting his Titan powers. However, it is not until he is eaten by the Beard Titan and on the brink of death that his dormant powers are awakened. This pivotal moment triggers Eren’s transformation into a Titan and sets him on a path of discovery and vengeance against the Titans that have ravaged humanity’s world. Throughout the series, Eren’s ability to transform into a Titan becomes both a powerful weapon and a source of inner conflict. As the story progresses, Eren’s Titan form proves to be crucial in battling the Titans, particularly in his intense confrontations with Annie and other formidable foes. The transformation into a Titan not only grants Eren immense strength and regenerative abilities, but it also allows him to tap into a deep well of rage and determination that fuels his relentless pursuit of justice and the protection of his loved ones. Eren’s journey as a Titan is a central aspect of the Attack on Titan narrative, showcasing the complexities of his character and the profound impact his newfound powers have on the world around him.

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