What else does Budweiser own?

Answered by Willie Powers

Budweiser, one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world, has expanded its portfolio over the years to include a diverse range of beverages. The company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, has acquired and developed several other popular brands, each with its own unique offerings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other brands that fall under the Budweiser umbrella.

1. Michelob: Michelob is a line of premium beers that offers a slightly more upscale drinking experience. It includes variations such as Michelob Ultra, Michelob AmberBock, Michelob Golden Draft, and Michelob Light.

2. Rolling Rock: Rolling Rock is an American lager known for its distinctive green bottles and smooth, crisp taste. It has gained a loyal following over the years and continues to be a popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

3. Busch: Busch is a classic American-style lager that provides a refreshing and easy-drinking experience. It is often associated with outdoor activities and has become a staple at sporting events and gatherings.

4. Shock Top: Shock Top is a brand of Belgian-style wheat ale that offers a unique twist on traditional beer. It is known for its citrusy flavors and smooth finish, making it a popular choice for those seeking a refreshing and flavorful beer.

5. Natural: Natural is a brand that focuses on providing organic and environmentally friendly beers. It offers a range of organic beers, including Natural Light, Natural Ice, and Natural Pomegranate Raspberry.

6. Johnny Appleseed: Johnny Appleseed is a cider brand that offers a crisp and refreshing alternative to beer. It is made from real apple juice and has a slightly sweet taste, making it a popular choice among cider lovers.

7. LandShark Lager: LandShark Lager is a refreshing island-style lager that brings a taste of the beach to any occasion. It is often associated with beachside activities and has become a popular choice for those looking for a laid-back drinking experience.

In addition to these brands, Budweiser also owns several craft breweries, including Goose Island, Elysian Brewing Company, 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Blue Point Brewing Company, and Breckenridge Brewery. These craft breweries offer a wide range of unique and innovative beers, catering to the growing demand for craft beer in the market.

It’s worth noting that this list is not exhaustive, as Budweiser’s portfolio is constantly evolving and expanding. The company continues to invest in new brands and explore different beverage categories to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers.

As an avid beer enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to try many of these brands and have found each one to offer its own distinct flavors and characteristics. Whether you’re a fan of traditional lagers, wheat ales, ciders, or craft brews, Budweiser’s portfolio has something to suit every taste.