What else are antelope called?

Answered by Jason Smith

Antelope are commonly known as antelope, but there are also other names used to refer to these fascinating creatures. In addition to the term antelope, some species within the Bovidae family are also known as gazelles, impalas, and gnus or wildebeest. Each of these names refers to specific groups or species within the Antilopinae subfamily.

Gazelles are a group of antelope known for their slender build, graceful movements, and impressive speed. They are often found in grasslands and deserts, with their long legs and streamlined bodies allowing them to navigate these environments with ease. Gazelles typically have curved, ringed horns and are known for their agility and leaping ability. Some well-known species of gazelles include the Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, and the Dorcas gazelle.

Impalas are another type of antelope that are widely recognized for their striking appearance and graceful movements. They are medium-sized antelope with slender bodies and long, spiral horns in males. Impalas are known for their reddish-brown coats with characteristic white markings on their face, throat, and rump. They are highly adaptable and can be found in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, and savannas. Impalas are known for their impressive leaping ability, which helps them evade predators such as lions and cheetahs.

Gnus or wildebeest are yet another group of antelope that are often referred to by different names. These large, robust antelope are known for their distinctive appearance, with a large head, muscular body, and a mane-like tuft of hair on their neck. Gnus or wildebeest are famous for their annual migration across the African plains, where they travel in large herds in search of fresh grazing areas. The most well-known species of gnu or wildebeest are the blue wildebeest and the black wildebeest.

In addition to these commonly used names, there are also some species within the Bovidae family that are known as goat-antelope. These include the serow and the goral, which are goat-like antelope found in mountainous regions of Asia. These species have adapted to their rocky habitats, with strong hooves and agile climbing abilities.

Antelope are a diverse group of animals with various names used to refer to different species or groups within the Antilopinae subfamily. Whether they are called antelope, gazelles, impalas, or gnus, these remarkable creatures continue to captivate us with their beauty, agility, and adaptability to different habitats.