What does the heart do on eBay?

Answered by Jason Smith

On eBay, the heart symbol represents an item that you are interested in or “watching.” It serves as an indicator that you are keeping an eye on that particular item. When you come across an item that catches your attention and you want to track its progress or keep it in mind for a potential purchase, you can click on the heart symbol to “watch” it.

By clicking on the heart symbol, you are essentially adding the item to your watchlist. This feature allows you to easily access and monitor the item’s status, such as price changes, bids, or availability. It’s a convenient way to stay updated on items that you are considering buying or simply want to keep tabs on.

Once you’ve added an item to your watchlist, the heart symbol will change from an outline to a filled-in heart. This visual change confirms that you are actively watching the item. You can easily find your watched items by going to your eBay account and navigating to the watchlist section.

Watching items on eBay can be particularly useful when you are comparing prices, waiting for a better offer, or considering making a purchase in the future. It helps you stay organized and keeps all the items you are interested in easily accessible in one place.

So, in summary, the heart symbol on eBay signifies that you have added an item to your watchlist. It allows you to keep track of items you are interested in and easily monitor their status. By watching items, you can make informed decisions about potential purchases or simply keep an eye on items of interest.