What does Stitzel Weller make?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Stitzel-Weller, the legendary distillery founded in 1935, is known for its exceptional craftsmanship in producing Kentucky bourbon. The distillery, located in Louisville, holds a special place in the history of bourbon, as it was home to some of the most revered figures in the industry.

At Stitzel-Weller, the focus was always on creating bourbon of the highest quality, with a commitment to craftsmanship and artistry. The founders understood the importance of attention to detail and the use of traditional methods to produce exceptional spirits. This dedication to excellence became the hallmark of Stitzel-Weller’s production process.

One of the key products that Stitzel-Weller is renowned for is their Kentucky bourbon. Bourbon, a uniquely American spirit, is made primarily from corn and aged in charred oak barrels. Stitzel-Weller mastered the art of producing smooth and flavorful bourbon that has stood the test of time.

The distillery’s bourbon production involved a meticulous process. It all started with the selection of the finest grains, including corn, barley, and rye. These grains were carefully milled and mixed with water to create a mash. Yeast was then added to the mash, initiating the fermentation process, where the sugars were converted into alcohol.

After fermentation, the liquid, known as the “distiller’s beer,” was distilled in copper stills. The distillation process involved heating the liquid to separate alcohol from impurities, resulting in a high-proof spirit. Stitzel-Weller’s distillers had mastered the art of distillation, ensuring a smooth and well-balanced spirit.

The next crucial step in the production of Stitzel-Weller bourbon was the aging process. The high-proof spirit was carefully transferred to charred oak barrels, where it matured over time. The barrels played a vital role in imparting flavors and characteristics to the bourbon, as they allowed the spirit to interact with the wood, gaining complexity and depth.

Stitzel-Weller understood the importance of patience when it came to aging bourbon. The barrels were stored in warehouses, where they were exposed to the natural elements of the Kentucky climate. The heat and cold, along with the expansion and contraction of the wood, contributed to the development of unique flavors and aromas in the bourbon.

As the bourbon aged, it gradually mellowed and acquired its distinct taste profile. Stitzel-Weller’s bourbons were known for their smoothness, rich flavors, and balanced sweetness. The master distillers employed their expertise to ensure that each batch of bourbon met the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Over the years, Stitzel-Weller produced various bourbon brands, each with its own unique characteristics. One notable brand that emerged from the distillery was Blade and Bow. This brand pays homage to the craftsmanship and legacy of Stitzel-Weller, offering a range of bourbons that embody the spirit of tradition and excellence.

Blade and Bow bourbon, born from the traditions of Stitzel-Weller, continues to carry forward the legacy of the distillery. With its smoothness, complexity, and time-honored techniques, Blade and Bow celebrates the art of bourbon making and invites enthusiasts to savor the rich history and flavors of Kentucky’s beloved spirit.

Stitzel-Weller, the iconic distillery founded in 1935, is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in producing Kentucky bourbon. The distillery’s commitment to quality, attention to detail, and traditional methods have resulted in bourbons that are revered for their smoothness, richness, and depth of flavor. Blade and Bow, a brand born out of Stitzel-Weller’s legacy, continues to carry forward the traditions and artistry of the distillery, inviting bourbon enthusiasts to experience the timeless allure of Kentucky bourbon.