What does sloppy butcher do?

Answered by John Hunt

Sloppy Butcher is a perk in Dead by Daylight that is used by the Killer to inflict additional effects on Survivors when they land basic attacks. This perk is particularly useful for Killers who rely on bleeding effects to track and locate Survivors.

When a Killer with Sloppy Butcher hits a Survivor with a basic attack, it causes the Survivor to suffer from two status effects: Haemorrhage and Mangled. Haemorrhage increases the bleeding frequency by 50/75/100%, meaning that the Survivor will bleed at a faster rate than normal. This can be a significant disadvantage for Survivors, as it causes them to leave a trail of blood behind them, making it easier for the Killer to track their movements.

The second status effect caused by Sloppy Butcher is Mangled. Mangled increases the rate at which incomplete healing loses progression by 15/20/25%. This means that when a Survivor tries to heal themselves or is healed by another Survivor, their progress towards being fully healed will be lost at a faster rate. This can be extremely frustrating for Survivors, as it makes it more difficult for them to fully recover from their injuries and get back into the game.

Sloppy Butcher is a powerful perk for Killers who want to inflict bleeding effects on Survivors and hinder their ability to heal. It can be particularly effective when combined with other perks or abilities that rely on tracking blood trails or injured Survivors.

In my personal experience, Sloppy Butcher can be a game-changer when playing as a Killer. The increased bleeding frequency and faster progression loss on incomplete healing can put Survivors at a severe disadvantage. I’ve found that it can be especially effective when paired with perks that enhance tracking abilities, such as Bloodhound or Stridor. By using Sloppy Butcher in combination with these perks, I’ve been able to quickly locate and eliminate injured Survivors, preventing them from fully healing and prolonging the match.

Sloppy Butcher is a perk that gives Killers an advantage by causing Survivors to suffer from increased bleeding frequency and faster progression loss on incomplete healing. It can be a powerful tool in tracking and eliminating injured Survivors, making it a valuable addition to a Killer’s loadout.