What does Geek Squad accidental cover?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Geek Squad’s accidental coverage, also known as Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH), provides comprehensive protection for your devices against unexpected mishaps. This coverage is specifically designed to safeguard your devices from accidental damage that can occur in day-to-day use.

One of the key features of Geek Squad’s accidental coverage is 24/7 support. This means that you can reach out to Geek Squad anytime, day or night, for assistance with your covered device. Whether you have a question, need troubleshooting help, or require guidance on how to handle a particular situation, Geek Squad’s support team is there to assist you.

In addition to round-the-clock support, Geek Squad’s accidental coverage includes a one-time battery replacement. Over time, batteries can deteriorate and lose their capacity to hold a charge. With this coverage, if your device’s battery fails to perform as expected, Geek Squad will replace it for you.

Geek Squad also offers a No Lemon policy, which ensures that if your covered device experiences multiple failures, they will take steps to resolve the issue. This policy aims to provide you with a working device and prevent the inconvenience of repeated failures.

Normal wear and tear is another aspect covered by Geek Squad’s accidental coverage. As you use your device regularly, it is natural for it to show signs of wear and tear. Geek Squad’s coverage takes into account the normal aging process of devices and provides protection against the gradual deterioration of their functionality.

Power surge protection is another valuable feature. Power surges can occur due to electrical fluctuations or lightning strikes, and they can potentially damage your devices. Geek Squad’s accidental coverage offers protection against power surges, ensuring that your devices are shielded from electrical damage.

Geek Squad’s accidental coverage also includes pixel repair. Dead or stuck pixels on a display can be a nuisance, and Geek Squad’s coverage addresses this issue by providing repair services for such pixel-related problems.

Burn-in coverage is another notable inclusion. Burn-in refers to the permanent image retention on a screen, often caused by displaying static images for prolonged periods. Geek Squad’s coverage offers protection against burn-in, ensuring that your device’s screen remains free from such issues.

Lastly, Geek Squad’s accidental coverage covers full parts and labor. If your covered device requires repairs due to accidental damage, Geek Squad will cover the costs of both the necessary parts and the labor involved in fixing the device.

Geek Squad’s accidental coverage offers a comprehensive range of features to protect your devices. From accidental damage to power surges, normal wear and tear to pixel and burn-in issues, Geek Squad’s coverage ensures that your devices are safeguarded. With 24/7 support, a one-time battery replacement, and a No Lemon policy, Geek Squad aims to provide you with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience when it comes to protecting your valuable devices.