What does Emrys mean in Greek?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

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The name Emrys does not have a Greek origin, but rather a Welsh one. Emrys is the Welsh form of the Greek name Ambrose, which means “immortal.” In Greek mythology and culture, immortality was often associated with the gods and was considered a desirable and powerful trait.

The name Emrys itself has a rich history and is often associated with the legendary figure of Merlin. In Welsh mythology, Emrys Wledig, or Ambrosius Aurelianus in Latin, was a historical figure who became the basis for the legendary character of Merlin. Emrys Wledig was a warrior and a leader who played a significant role in the defense of Britain against Saxon invasions in the 5th century.

The meaning of “immortal” associated with the name Emrys can be seen as a reflection of the enduring legacy and impact of the figure of Merlin in Arthurian legends and Welsh folklore. It symbolizes the lasting fame and influence attributed to those who bear the name.

While the name Emrys does not have a Greek origin, its meaning of “immortal” is derived from the Greek name Ambrose. The name Emrys holds significant cultural and mythological associations in Welsh history, particularly through its connection to the figure of Merlin.