What does chinned off mean?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Chinned off is a phrase used to describe the act of disregarding or dismissing something because it is not considered important or relevant enough. It implies a sense of insignificance or unimportance attached to the thing being chinned off. When someone chins off something, they essentially choose to ignore or overlook it, often due to considering it to be of little value or significance.

To better understand the meaning of chinned off, let’s consider a few examples:

1. Imagine you are attending a conference and there are multiple sessions happening simultaneously. You have to decide which sessions to attend based on your interests and priorities. If there is a session on a topic that you find uninteresting or irrelevant to your work, you might choose to chin it off and attend a different session that aligns better with your goals.

2. Suppose you are planning a trip with your friends, and one of them suggests visiting a particular tourist attraction that you have already visited before. As it holds no novelty or excitement for you, you may chin off the idea and suggest exploring a different location that you find more appealing.

In both these examples, chinning off implies disregarding or dismissing something because it is considered unimportant or not worthwhile in the given context. It is a way of prioritizing and allocating attention or resources to things that are deemed more valuable or relevant.

It is important to note that chinning off something can also be seen as a subjective judgment. What may be chinned off by one person might be highly valued by another. The decision to chin off something is influenced by individual preferences, priorities, and evaluations of importance.

Chinned off refers to the act of dismissing or disregarding something due to it being considered unimportant or lacking significance. It is a way of prioritizing and allocating attention or resources to more valuable or relevant things.