What do you wear to a BOUNCE park?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

When visiting a BOUNCE park, it is important to wear comfortable and loose clothing. Opt for tracksuit or jogging bottoms, as they provide freedom of movement and flexibility. Pair them with a t-shirt that allows your body to breathe and stay cool during physical activities. It is essential to prioritize comfort over style in this case.

However, it is advisable to avoid wearing shorts while at a BOUNCE park. This is because falling over on the plastic or trampoline surfaces can cause friction burns, commonly known as “trampoline burns.” To protect your skin and prevent any discomfort, it is better to opt for longer pants.

For ladies, wearing skirts or dresses is not recommended at a BOUNCE park. The nature of the activities involves jumping, bouncing, and flipping, which can lead to wardrobe malfunctions or accidental exposure. To ensure your comfort and safety, it is better to choose more practical attire.

When visiting a BOUNCE park, prioritize comfort by wearing loose tracksuit or jogging bottoms paired with a breathable t-shirt. Avoid wearing shorts to prevent friction burns, and for ladies, it is best to steer clear of skirts or dresses to ensure modesty and prevent any wardrobe mishaps. By considering these clothing recommendations, you can fully enjoy your time at the BOUNCE park without any discomfort or potential fashion mishaps.