What do you upgrade gear with?

Answered by Robert Flynn

When it comes to upgrading gear, a key tool in Minecraft is the smithing table. This utility block serves a vital purpose in the game, allowing players to take their diamond gear to the next level by upgrading it to netherite gear. The process of upgrading gear with a smithing table is straightforward and convenient, as it ensures that all enchantments on the diamond gear are preserved.

To begin the upgrade process, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. First and foremost, you’ll require a diamond piece of gear that you wish to upgrade. This could be a diamond helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, or even a diamond tool like a sword or pickaxe. Additionally, you’ll need a netherite ingot, which is a rare and valuable resource found in the Nether.

Once you have your diamond gear and netherite ingot ready, it’s time to locate a smithing table. These useful blocks can be found in various generated structures in the game, such as villages, strongholds, and bastions. You can also craft a smithing table using four wooden planks and two iron ingots. Placing it in your desired location will allow you to start the upgrading process.

To upgrade your diamond gear, interact with the smithing table by right-clicking on it. This will open the smithing table’s interface, where you’ll see two slots. The left slot is for the diamond gear you wish to upgrade, while the right slot is for the netherite ingot. Simply drag and drop the diamond gear into the left slot and the netherite ingot into the right slot.

Once you’ve placed both items in the appropriate slots, the smithing table will display the resulting netherite gear in the output slot. This new gear will have the same enchantments as the original diamond gear, making it a valuable upgrade. At this point, you can click on the output slot to collect your newly upgraded netherite gear.

It’s worth noting that the smithing table is exclusively used for upgrading diamond gear to netherite gear. It cannot be used to repair damaged items or upgrade other types of gear. To repair or combine enchanted gear, you’ll need to use an anvil instead.

In my personal experience, the introduction of the smithing table in Minecraft has added a new level of excitement and progression to the game. It provides a tangible reward for exploring and obtaining netherite, which can be a challenging task. Upgrading diamond gear to netherite gear has become an essential step for many Minecraft players, as it significantly enhances their abilities and durability in the game.

To summarize, the smithing table is the key tool used to upgrade diamond gear to netherite gear in Minecraft. By placing a diamond item and a netherite ingot into the appropriate slots of the smithing table, players can enhance their gear while retaining all enchantments. This process adds depth and progression to the game, encouraging players to venture into the Nether and obtain netherite. So, grab your diamond gear, find a smithing table, and elevate your Minecraft experience with netherite upgrades!