What do you put on a slow feeder licking mat?

Answered by James Kissner

When it comes to filling a slow feeder licking mat, the options are nearly endless. You can get creative and experiment with various liquid or semi-solid treats that your dog will enjoy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Peanut butter: This classic dog favorite is a popular choice for filling lick mats. Its sticky texture will keep your dog engaged for a while as they try to lick every last bit.

2. Plain yogurt: Dogs love the tangy taste of plain yogurt, and it’s a healthy option too. You can spread a layer of yogurt on the mat, or even freeze it for a longer-lasting treat.

3. Wet dog food: If your dog enjoys wet food, you can spread a thin layer of it on the licking mat. This can provide some mental stimulation while also making mealtime a bit more exciting.

4. Pureed fruits and vegetables: For a healthier option, you can puree fruits or vegetables and spread them on the mat. Try blending some carrots, pumpkin, or even apples for a nutritious treat.

5. Soft treats: If your dog has a favorite soft treat, you can crumble it up and spread it on the mat. This can be a great way to use up any leftover treats you have lying around.

6. Raw food: If you feed your dog a raw diet, you can spread some ground or pureed raw food on the mat. This can make mealtime more enjoyable while also providing some mental stimulation.

7. Baby food: Some baby food options, like pureed meats or fruits, can be suitable for dogs. Just make sure to check the ingredients and avoid any harmful additives or seasonings.

8. Kong stuffing: If you have a Kong toy, you can use the licking mat to hold the stuffing. Fill it with a mixture of mashed banana, peanut butter, and kibble for a fun and nutritious challenge.

9. Homemade broth: You can make a flavorful broth using ingredients like chicken or beef, and then freeze it in the licking mat. This can be a refreshing and tasty treat on a hot day.

10. Dog-safe spreads: There are various spreads available specifically made for dogs, such as liver pâté or fish paste. These can be a delicious and unique option to try out.

Remember, it’s always important to consider your dog’s dietary restrictions and allergies when choosing what to put on the licking mat. Additionally, make sure to monitor your dog while they are enjoying their treat to ensure they don’t consume too much at once.

I hope these ideas help you create some enjoyable and engaging experiences for your furry friend with their slow feeder licking mat.