What do you feed newly hatched praying mantis?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

When it comes to feeding newly hatched praying mantises, it is essential to provide them with a diet that meets their small size and nutritional needs. The ideal food options for these tiny creatures include aphids, grasshoppers, midges, and other insects of similar size. These insects should be alive when offered to the mantis, as they are more likely to capture and consume moving prey.

One of the primary considerations when feeding newborn praying mantises is the size of the prey. Since the mantis is still small, it is crucial to select insects that are comparable in size, ensuring that they can be easily captured and consumed. Offering prey that is too large may result in unsuccessful hunting attempts and potential injury to the mantis.

Aphids are an excellent choice as they are small and relatively slow-moving insects. They are commonly found on plants and can be easily collected for feeding purposes. Grasshoppers, although slightly larger, can also be suitable prey for newly hatched mantises. It is important to note that the size of the grasshopper should be appropriate for the mantis to handle and consume without difficulty.

Midges, which are small flying insects, can also be included in the mantis’ diet. These insects are often found near bodies of water and can provide a variety of prey for the mantis. Their small size makes them easy targets for the newborn mantis.

When feeding the mantis, it is essential to ensure that the prey is still alive. Praying mantises are primarily visual hunters and rely on the movement of their prey to trigger their hunting instinct. Therefore, offering live insects increases the likelihood of successful hunting and feeding.

It is worth mentioning that the diet of mantises can vary depending on their species and geographic location. While aphids, grasshoppers, and midges are commonly accepted prey for newborn mantises, it is always advisable to research the specific dietary requirements of the mantis species you are caring for.

Newly hatched praying mantises can be fed with a variety of small insects such as aphids, grasshoppers, midges, and other prey of similar size. Live prey is essential as it triggers the mantis’ hunting instincts. By providing a suitable and diverse diet, you can ensure the healthy growth and development of your newborn mantises.