What do older brides wear in their hair?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

When it comes to older brides, there are plenty of options for what to wear in their hair on their special day. Hair pins and hair combs can be a great choice, as they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a sleek updo. These accessories can be embellished with pearls, crystals, or other decorative elements to add a bit of sparkle.

Another option for older brides is a side tiara. This can be a beautiful addition to short hair, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. Side tiaras can be adorned with delicate flowers, crystals, or pearls to match the bride’s overall look and style.

If the bride prefers a more vintage-inspired look, a birdcage veil can be a perfect choice. These veils add a touch of old-world charm and can be worn with a variety of hairstyles. It’s important to steer clear of anything that may look too cutesy, such as bows or overly frilly designs. Instead, opt for a beaded or embellished center with elegant sculpted feathers for a more sophisticated and timeless look.

When deciding on accessories for older brides, it’s important to consider their personal style and the overall theme of the wedding. The goal is to enhance their natural beauty and create a look that makes them feel confident and radiant on their special day.

In my personal experience, I have seen older brides wear a variety of hair accessories that complemented their individual style and wedding theme. One of my friends who got married at the age of 50 opted for a sleek updo with a hair comb adorned with pearls and crystals. It added a touch of elegance to her overall look and perfectly complemented her classic wedding gown.

Another older bride I know chose a side tiara with delicate flowers and crystals to accentuate her short hair. It added a touch of femininity and sophistication to her hairstyle, making her feel absolutely beautiful on her wedding day.

I have also seen older brides embrace the vintage trend with birdcage veils. One of my relatives wore a birdcage veil with a beaded center and sculpted feathers. It created a stunning focal point and added a touch of glamour to her overall bridal look.

There are plenty of options for older brides when it comes to choosing hair accessories. Whether it’s hair pins, combs, side tiaras, or birdcage veils, the key is to choose pieces that enhance their natural beauty and make them feel confident and radiant on their special day.