What did kisaki do Mikey?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Kisaki Tetta’s actions towards Mikey in Tokyo Revengers were manipulative and calculated. He took advantage of Mikey’s dark impulses to further his own personal gains and maintain control over the gang.

One of the main things Kisaki did to manipulate Mikey was to feed into his dark desires and encourage his violent tendencies. Mikey, as the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, had a reputation for being ruthless and feared. Kisaki saw an opportunity in this and used it to his advantage.

Kisaki would often plant seeds of doubt and incite Mikey’s anger towards certain individuals or groups, causing him to act out in violent ways. By doing so, Kisaki was able to create chaos within the gang and exploit the resulting power vacuum for his own benefit.

Another tactic Kisaki employed was to exploit Mikey’s trust and loyalty. Mikey had a deep respect and admiration for Kisaki, considering him a close friend and confidant. Kisaki used this trust to manipulate Mikey into making decisions that would benefit Kisaki’s own goals, even if they went against the best interests of the gang or Mikey himself.

Kisaki also manipulated Mikey by taking advantage of his emotional vulnerabilities. He knew how to push Mikey’s buttons and manipulate his emotions in order to control him. By using emotional manipulation, Kisaki was able to keep Mikey under his thumb and ensure his own position of power within the gang.

Kisaki’s actions towards Mikey were calculated and manipulative. He preyed on Mikey’s dark impulses and used them to further his own agenda. It is clear that Kisaki capitalized on Mikey’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, causing a great deal of harm and turmoil for Mikey and those around him.