What did Arlong do to Nami?

Answered by Jason Smith

Arlong, the Fish-Man, inflicted immense suffering upon Nami, starting with the murder of her beloved mother. This tragic event alone is enough to shatter anyone’s world, but Nami’s torment did not end there. Arlong took advantage of her village, Cocoyasi, by imposing exorbitant fees on the residents in exchange for their safety and protection. He ruthlessly exploited their fear and vulnerability for his own financial gain.

To make matters worse, Nami was forced into a position where she had to work for Arlong, creating maps for him, in order to raise money to buy back her village. Imagine the emotional turmoil she must have endured, being forced to aid the very person responsible for her mother’s death. It was a constant reminder of the immense injustice and cruelty that Arlong had inflicted upon her life.

Nami’s situation was further complicated by the fact that she had a passionate dream of becoming a skilled navigator and exploring the vast oceans. However, Arlong’s control over her village prevented her from pursuing her dreams and left her feeling trapped and helpless.

The psychological toll that Arlong’s actions took on Nami cannot be understated. She carried the weight of her village’s fate on her shoulders, feeling responsible for their suffering and desperately seeking a way to free them. Nami’s determination and resilience in the face of such adversity is truly remarkable, as she did everything in her power to gather the money needed to liberate her people, even if it meant sacrificing her own well-being and happiness.

Arlong’s actions were not only physically and emotionally damaging to Nami, but they also stripped her of her sense of identity and purpose. She was forced to suppress her dreams and aspirations in order to survive and protect those she cared about. The trauma inflicted upon her by Arlong’s presence in her life is a testament to the depth of his cruelty and the lasting impact it had on her.

Arlong’s actions towards Nami were nothing short of devastating. He not only killed her mother, but also subjected her to a life of servitude and exploitation, robbing her of her dreams and causing immeasurable pain. Nami’s story serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the resilience of those who refuse to be crushed by the weight of their circumstances.