What color lemon is best?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

When it comes to lemons, the color can be a good indicator of ripeness. The best color for a lemon depends on the variety. For most common lemon varieties, like the Eureka and Lisbon lemons, a bright yellow color is a sign of ripeness. These lemons will have a vibrant yellow skin without any greenish hue. However, there is one special variety of lemon that is an exception to this rule – the Meyer lemon.

Meyer lemons are known for their unique flavor and slightly different appearance. Unlike the traditional lemons, Meyer lemons have a thinner skin and a rounder shape. They also have a more orangey-yellow color, sometimes with a tinge of green. So, if you have Meyer lemons and they are more yellow with a hint of green, or even have an egg-yolk color, they are actually ripe and ready for harvest.

I have personally grown Meyer lemons in my backyard, and I can tell you that the color can be a bit confusing at first. When I saw the greenish hue on some of my Meyer lemons, I initially thought they were not ripe yet. However, after doing some research and speaking to other gardeners, I learned that this is actually normal for Meyer lemons. The greenish hue is just a characteristic of this particular variety, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the lemons are underripe.

In fact, if you wait for your Meyer lemons to turn completely yellow, they might become overripe and lose their delicious flavor. So, if you have Meyer lemons and they have that yellowish-green color, you can confidently harvest them and enjoy their wonderful taste. Just make sure to give them a gentle squeeze to ensure they are firm and not overly soft.

To sum it up, the best color for lemons depends on the variety. For most common lemon varieties, a bright yellow color indicates ripeness. However, if you have Meyer lemons, a more yellow with a tinge of green or egg-yolk color is actually a sign of ripeness. So, embrace the unique appearance of Meyer lemons and enjoy their delightful taste!