What color is Jesus’s skin in the Bible?

Answered by James Kissner

In the Bible, there is no explicit description of Jesus’ physical appearance, including the color of his skin. However, based on historical and geographical context, we can make some educated guesses about his likely appearance.

Jesus was born and raised in Judea, which is located in the eastern Mediterranean region. The majority of people in this area during that time would have had olive-brown skin tones. This conclusion is based on archaeological findings, historical texts, and ancient Egyptian funerary art that depict people from that region.

In her book “What Did Jesus Look Like?” published in 2018, Joan E. Taylor explores this topic in detail. She combines various sources of evidence to come to the conclusion that Jesus most likely had olive-brown skin. This would have been a common physical trait among the people of Judea and Egypt during that era.

Additionally, Taylor suggests that Jesus probably had brown eyes and dark brown to black hair. These features align with what was typical for people in the region at the time.

It is important to note that these conclusions are based on historical context and research, rather than direct biblical descriptions. The Bible focuses more on Jesus’ teachings, actions, and spiritual significance rather than his physical appearance.

While the Bible does not provide a specific description of Jesus’ skin color, historical evidence and research suggest that he probably had olive-brown skin, brown eyes, and dark brown to black hair. These physical characteristics were common among the people of Judea and Egypt during the time in which he lived.