What color goes with rose gold for a wedding?

Answered by Tom Adger

When it comes to choosing colors that go well with rose gold for a wedding, there are several options that can complement this beautiful metallic hue. One popular choice is to pair rose gold with white flowers. The combination of the soft, romantic rose gold with the purity and elegance of white creates a timeless and classic look. White flowers such as roses, lilies, and hydrangeas can all be stunning choices in this color scheme.

Another complementary option is blush flowers. Blush is a soft, delicate shade of pink that adds a touch of femininity and romance to the rose gold palette. Blush flowers like peonies, ranunculus, and garden roses can create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere for your wedding.

For those looking to add a pop of color to their rose gold wedding, light blue flowers can be a fantastic choice. The coolness of the light blue contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of rose gold, creating a visually striking combination. Flowers such as delphiniums, hydrangeas, and forget-me-nots in shades of light blue can add a refreshing and vibrant touch to your wedding decor.

If you prefer deeper, richer shades, burgundy flowers can be an excellent option to pair with rose gold. The boldness of the burgundy can create a dramatic and luxurious ambiance, while still complementing the rose gold tones. Flowers such as dahlias, roses, and calla lilies in shades of burgundy can add depth and richness to your wedding color scheme.

Lastly, purple flowers can also work well with rose gold. The combination of the warm rose gold with the coolness of purple creates a harmonious and elegant look. Flowers like lavender, orchids, and lisianthus in shades of purple can add a touch of sophistication and royalty to your wedding decor.

In addition to flowers, incorporating greenery is a beautiful way to enhance a rose gold wedding. Greenery adds a natural and organic element to the color scheme and can provide a refreshing contrast to the metallic tones. Eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy are all popular choices for greenery that can beautifully complement rose gold.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing colors that go well with rose gold for a wedding. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look with white flowers, a soft and romantic ambiance with blush flowers, a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere with light blue flowers, a dramatic and luxurious feel with burgundy flowers, or an elegant and sophisticated touch with purple flowers, each choice can beautifully complement the rose gold palette. Don’t forget to add some greenery to complete the overall aesthetic of your rose gold wedding.