What clubs does Phil Mickelson use?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Phil Mickelson, one of the most successful and iconic professional golfers, carries a carefully selected set of clubs in his bag. Let’s take a closer look at the clubs that Phil Mickelson uses to navigate the challenging golf courses he competes on.

1. Driver: Phil Mickelson trusts the Callaway Rogue ST Max LS as his go-to driver. This club features a loft of 7.5 degrees, allowing Mickelson to achieve the optimal combination of distance and control off the tee.

2. 3 Wood: The Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond serves as Mickelson’s reliable fairway wood. With a loft of 13.5 degrees, this club provides him with the versatility to attack long par-5s or find the fairway on demanding par-4s.

3. Hybrid: Mickelson carries the Callaway Apex UW hybrid in his bag. This club offers an excellent compromise between the control of an iron and the forgiveness of a fairway wood. It helps him navigate challenging approach shots or escape trouble when needed.

4. Driving Irons: For added precision and control off the tee or on long approach shots, Mickelson relies on the Callaway X Forged UT. He carries two driving irons with lofts of 18 and 25 degrees, respectively. These clubs enable him to shape shots and control trajectory with confidence.

5. Irons: From the 6-iron to the pitching wedge, Mickelson’s iron set consists of the Callaway Apex MB. These blades are designed for the more skilled player who values workability and feedback. The sleek and compact design of these irons allows Mickelson to shape shots and control distance with precision.

It’s worth noting that while the above clubs are the mainstays of Mickelson’s bag, he may occasionally make adjustments based on course conditions or personal preferences. Golfers, including professionals like Mickelson, often fine-tune their club selection to suit specific challenges they face.

Phil Mickelson’s bag contains a range of clubs from the powerful and precise driver to the versatile hybrid and driving irons, all the way to the precision-oriented blades in his iron set. This comprehensive selection allows Mickelson to tackle a variety of shots and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the game.