What city in Texas has the most H-E-B stores?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The city in Texas with the highest number of H-E-B stores is San Antonio. With a whopping 46 locations, San Antonio takes the crown as the city with the most H-E-B stores in the state. As a resident of San Antonio, I can personally attest to the abundance of H-E-B stores scattered throughout the city. It seems like there’s an H-E-B on nearly every corner, making it incredibly convenient for residents to access their favorite grocery store.

Coming in second place is Austin, with 28 H-E-B locations. As the capital of Texas and a rapidly growing city, it’s no surprise that Austin boasts a significant number of H-E-B stores. I’ve visited Austin many times and have always been impressed by the accessibility and variety of H-E-B locations in the city. From large, flagship stores to smaller neighborhood markets, Austin residents have plenty of options when it comes to shopping at H-E-B.

Houston, the largest city in Texas, follows closely behind with 20 H-E-B stores. As a major urban center with a diverse population, Houston is home to a wide range of H-E-B locations catering to different neighborhoods and communities. Whether you’re in the heart of downtown or in the outskirts of the city, you’re likely to find an H-E-B store nearby to fulfill your grocery needs.

Corpus Christi, a coastal city in Texas, rounds out the top four with 10 H-E-B locations. While not as numerous as the stores in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Corpus Christi still offers residents a good selection of H-E-B stores throughout the city. As someone who has visited Corpus Christi for vacation, I found it convenient to have access to H-E-B stores during my stay.

It’s worth noting that H-E-B has a strong presence throughout the state of Texas, with over 400 stores spread across various cities and towns. While San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi have the highest concentrations of H-E-B stores, residents of other cities in Texas can also enjoy the convenience and quality that H-E-B offers.